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By on October 6, 2012.

This week on Sinful Sunday it is Breast Cancer Awareness week in conjunction with RSVP Erotica’s If Just One Person Reads This! The prompt for this is ‘Get Positively Pink’. When Wubble, who owns and runs RSVP Erotica, asked me if I would be involved with this project I jumped at the chance as I believe it is an issue that has at some point touched everyone’s life in some shape or form. Maybe it is your Mum, Sister, Aunt, Wife, Daughter Grandmother or Niece, maybe it is your friend, colleague, neighbour, team-mate, hairdresser, teacher or pupil and lets not forget men get breast cancer too so maybe it is your Dad, Brother, Uncle, Husband, Son, Grandfather or nephew. Or maybe it is you… I am sure that every single person reading this knows of someone. I know I do.

Remember ignorance is not bliss, the earlier you catch this disease the better. If you are even slightly worried or concerned go to your doctor. If just one person reads this and it makes them check, whether they find anything or not, then Get Positively Pink has done its job.

Positively Pink


Ps… Click on the icon below to see who else is joining in with Sinful Sunday

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  1. Well wouldya look at THAT! (I just wish my pink wig looked even HALF as good as yours does…mine’s so tangled and ratty) Anyhoo, I guess as they say – great minds think alike 🙂
    thebigugly recently posted..I Saw the LightMy Profile

    • Oh but yours fits into your scene like that… whereas mine fits here. Great minds indeed though and thanks for the comment. Makes me smile to know you have been by and looked.


  2. I absolutely love this photo. Very Diva sexy, you! ( I covet your pink wig )

    I am so glad you joined with Wubble. The collections of images and thoughts have been so moving and well done. From sexy to sharing. Snapshots into Sinful Sundays collective opinions and minds.

    xxoo Newt

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