Cynthia’s Story

by Molly Moore

2nd June 2011

On Tuesday I launched The Pussy Pride Project. You can read more about that HERE and HERE. Within a few hours of those first posts I recieved this amazing message in my inbox…..

I am so happy to see you do this.  My pussy is a great source of pride for me.  I am a proud 55 year old mother of 4 grown sons with my first grandson born a month ago. I believe the vagina to be a place of worship and my man agrees.  We enjoy ceremonial sex and have invited others to experience it with us.  Women are so hung up about one of the great artistic and cultural parts of nature which is right there hidden between our legs.  I celebrate my pussy proudly.  Thanks for your guidance.  We need a national pussy day.  Feel free to post any or all of my pics and comments.  Would love to write an article on the ceremony my man and I have enjoyed.  It is amazing.



I replied to Cynthia and told her I would publish her words on my blog but that if she wanted to write more about her story I would publish that too. Within an hour or so I had another email, more pictures and Cynthia’s Story. So here is it, my first guest post ever and a truly amazing story about Pussy Pride.
Cynthia’s Story


In Celebration of My Pussy

It all began one night as my special man was enjoying himself by pleasuring my pussy. He loves to touch me and lick me and kiss me there. Many times I have thought how fortunate I am to have a man who worships my pussy so much because, as a result, he is forever giving me pleasure. H looked up from between my legs and said, “I celebrate your pussy Cynthia. It is my sacred temple where I come to bring my praise and adoration to you as my goddess.” Well, to say the least I was flattered and extremely aroused by it, but thought little more of it at the time.

The next evening we were at dinner and he said, “Honey, I want to get a tattoo, but not just any tattoo. I want it to be a tattoo of your pussy.” Now the shock of my conservative business man wanting any tattoo was enough to almost make me choke but a tattoo of pussy was a real shocker. I asked him why and he explained that the night before had been almost a spiritual experience with him when he was worshiping my vagina. Now, we always have believed that true spirituality and sexuality went hand in hand so I was intrigued at the idea.

“Where do you want this tattoo?” I asked.

“On my right chest near my heart,” he replied.

Well, we set it up. We went to the tattoo artist together. He wanted this to be a spiritual experience so he wanted it to be live. I think he might have wanted me to hold his hand in case his first tattoo experience hurt too much, but I agreed. I will never forget the feeling of lying there in front of that tattoo artist with my legs spread while he intermittently went from staring at my pussy to artistically recreating it onto my man’s chest. The wetness began to flow from the excitement and I came very close to having an orgasm just laying there on that table. My man kept telling me that he loved me and worshiped my vagina. I can only imagine what the tattoo artist was thinking. As for me, it was unforgettable to see my man that excited about me.

That night he was a bit sensitive and sore but he told me that he would be waiting the next night with something very special planned. I had a late meeting so I was not going to be home until around nine that night. The next evening when I got home I was amazed at what I found. A hot bath awaited me with candles throughout. Our spare bedroom had been transformed into what I can only describe as a temple with the bed being a sort of shrine. The fragrance of incense was throughout the house. Flower pedals were scattered in the bathroom as well as our new temple. On his day off he had obviously not played golf. It was extravagant.

He handed me a beautiful box from a very expensive store. Inside was a gorgeous flowing gown that was sheer but not slutty. He invited me to go and have my bath and prepare myself for our worship. I was absolutely tingling from head to toe in anticipation, but I tried not to rush my bath. I felt like a goddess.

When I came out in my gown he came over and kissed me and said you are my goddess and tonight I want to worship your holy temple. He led me into the bedroom. Erotic sensual music filled the air. He asked that I lay down on this amazingly and newly adorned bed. I thought maybe I should hire my man to be my new interior decorator. Had he done this all by himself? It was eastern in its look and feel. I was impressed. I withheld from sarcastic remarks because I could sense this was very important and serious to him.

He unbuttoned his shirt and revealed his still somewhat sore likeness of my pussy. He opened my gown to reveal my naked body, and then he took a bottle of expensive and might I say quite luxurious oil (no smell of strawberries here) and began to “anoint me.” The oil all over my body was an incredible sensation. He was now wearing only a new pair of gold silk shorts and I wanted to grab him and say, “Fuck me, I’m horny.” Thankfully I restrained and allowed him to gently massage me all over with this exquisite oil. He specially worked my breasts with amazing tenderness and erotic movements. After probably an hour of worshiping my entire body he slowly began to work his masculine hands around my anus and my pussy anointing me with oil. I have never felt so relaxed in all my life.

After a few minutes he began to almost chant in a worshipful way to my pussy. As his hands caressed me in a way I have come to love more than anything he was truly trance like is his demeanor. The thought of this would have made me laugh before but this was something very real, very precious, very sacred and holy. He took his time and relaxed me more than I had ever been relaxed before. He gently slid his fingers into my pussy and worked my ass and vagina inside and out in a way he had never done before. I was about to explode. Each time I thought I was going to; he would slow down and keep my orgasm at bay. When I finally could hold it no longer, I began to do something that only occasionally I had done before and then only moderately. I started to squirt, no gush with juices as I began an orgasm that would last for almost an hour. He told me to baptize him with my holy waters. Everything he said just drove me wilder.

I have heard there are seven levels of orgasm and someone else has said there are nine. Well I am here to tell you however many there are I experienced all of them. The intensity was so great I began to cry, not a sad cry but one of ecstasy. I was squirting, screaming and crying all at the same time. He just drank in every drop he could as I kept squirting. He was relentless but knew when to hold back and give me a chance to regroup. It was amazing.

When I was almost at the point to no return he asked if he could enter the temple and make a sacrifice. Damn I was horny as hell but I felt like I was in church. He pulled of his shorts and went inside me which set me off on another incredible round of orgasms. As he was thrusting in and out he never stopped talking about the wonders of my pussy which just made me even crazier. When he was ready to come he did not close his eyes. He looked me in the eyes and began shooting an incredible load and told me that he was worshiping the goddess with his cum. We were both exploding until finally…it was over, well not really. Instead of falling over next to me and waiting for me to clean up the mess he went back down to my pussy and told me he wanted to finish the worship and he commenced to lick the juices inside of me which were a combination of his and mine. When his mouth was full of juice he came up and gave me a wet kiss that was one of the most amazing things ever. I tasted and smelled both of us and almost started cumming again from the excitement.

Well, needless to say as a woman I longed for but never expected this to last. Not only has it lasted but it has intensified. We have invited others to our worship. We are NOT swingers but we have learned that enjoying this experience with others only enhances our experience. We have turned our master bedroom into our temple. It is not kinky and when others experience it they say it is life changing. My man says to me so often, “I celebrate your pussy.” I love that.

He has invited a few of his male friends to come and watch the experience. The first time I thought to myself that here it goes. It’s just a fucking fantasy, but I could not have been more wrong. As they watch I am awed at how they fall into the spirituality of it. When and if I sense they are truly in that mood I invite them to come and worship me. My man never goes into panting mode as he allows another to celebrate my pussy. He gets so pleased to see me being worshiped. We talk of sex in such a fun and special way. Don’t get me wrong we still enjoy quick fucks, but at least once a week he worships at my pussy. He reads articles on spirituality and sex instead of titillating porn. Tantric sex has replaced kinky sex in his mind.

You know I would never have believed this could happen. Now I wonder why it does not happen more. We have a love that is stronger than I ever believed possible. He loves and respects my pussy and does not feel that either I or my pussy are merely possessions or toys for his pleasure. The men who have joined us show me amazing respect and the couples who have participated have encouraged us to start classes. However, we do not want to turn our celebration into a business. We love what we have and want to do nothing to harm it.

I always loved my pussy. Now not only do I love it, I celebrate it as well.

Ps… If you would like to tell your Pussy Pride Story here then email me [email protected] or click the Pussy Pride button to find out more about this project


Pussy Pride Project


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Penny June 17, 2012 - 1:22 am

What a beautiful story! I love the pussy tattoo and the whole idea of pussy worship…just lovely

Agatha-luise December 20, 2012 - 3:53 pm

Thank you for sharing such a wonderful story Cynthia! You have a wonderful man who adores you and your body like a temple. 🙂

H.H. January 30, 2013 - 1:00 am


Twisted Angel March 7, 2013 - 3:10 pm

Wow. Just reading this makes me wet and aroused. My husband has often talked of how powerful my pussy is but never to this level. I think like you at first I would have to fight the urge to think he was being funny. But this sounds amazing and beautiful.

Sweet Pussy Galore | Clive Journeys into Kink March 3, 2015 - 3:44 pm

[…] provided a guest post by Cynthia “Cynthia’s Story” and Cynthia describes how her special man adores and worships her pussy. Cynthia is a very […]

Flirty at Forty August 18, 2017 - 10:24 pm

This story is so unbelievably hot, from exposing yourself to the tattoo artist to sharing your pussy-worshipping ceremony with friends. You are one lucky, lucky, lady.

Indigo Byrd November 18, 2017 - 10:48 am

What a beautiful story, and obviously a beautiful man…


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