I love…..

by Molly Moore
His hand on my thigh

3rd December 2010

I love the way he smiles at me and when he laughs the way it lights up His whole face, His whole being in fact. I love that wherever he goes he seems to be able to take that smile and that laugh and spread it all round. I love His eyes, the way he looks at me, the passion and love for for me that I see within them makes me tremble

I love His lips and teeth. His lips, so sensual and passionate as they kiss me, masking His teeth behind them. I love the way he runs them down my neck or across my chest searching for my tender skin so that he can nip and bite at me with those teeth within. Bruising me, making me cry out, knowing that it is his need to possess me that makes Him bite.

I love His hair, the brown and grey tones woven together, the way the light catches the curls on the top of his head. I love the fact that he never bothers to get it cut unless he is with me, and the way that has become ‘part of the things we do’ when we are together.

I love His shoulders and chest, they were they fill His shirt, the strength and power that lays within them, the way my head rests perfectly on them and the way they tighten and tense when he is holding me down. I love losing myself in them as he presses into me, pinning me down with His strength and weight.

I love his neck, nestling into it with my nose and lips, breathing in His scent, licking and tasting Him. I love the sound he makes when he is buried deep inside me and I am licking and sucking at His neck, that growl and moan making me spread my legs wider trying to get more and more of Him within my very soul.

I love His cock, the way it feels and tastes in my mouth, especially when it tastes of both Him and me. I love the way it fills my pussy, my juices making it slick and wet and that feeling of being stretched and filled as he cums inside me.

I love His body, the fact that he is always warm, the way my body fits perfectly with His. I love the way His skin feels up against mine, and the way he smells. No aftershave or cologne, just His own pure scent. I love nestling my nose into his arm pit and drawing in His scent, I love being able to smell Him on me. That smell makes me feel safe.

But there is one part of His body that I truly adore, that shows me how much he loves me, that corrects and punishes me when needs be, that pleasure me and pains me all at the same time. I can often be found watching them, touching them, exploring them with my hands. His hands caress me, hold me, spank me, stroke me, guide me and control me. His fingers pinch me, scratch me, pull at my hair, tease me, tickle me and fill me. His hands are soft, strong, firm, and loving, everything that he is to me, and everything that he desires of me, is somehow connected to His hands. I love His hands.



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LambChop December 7, 2010 - 5:48 pm

Perfect. What a sweet testament to your love.

Pooneh June 6, 2021 - 10:47 am

Please kiss his hands.


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