Paris (Part 3) The Eiffel Tower

by Molly Moore

6th December 2010

It was cold and dark but with my hand in His that didn’t really matter for once. I was wrapped up, scarf, hat, gloves etc and we had my trusty little guide book and a route all mapped out and so off we set. Because he has spent most of His time here in Paris playing with other tech geeks we decided that walking to the Eiffel Tower would at least give Him some sort of feel for this city and on route we could take in a few noted sights.

Central Paris by night is beautiful, it is all so perfectly lit, The Louvre has delicate subtle lighting that shows off this grand structure to perfection, the Place de la Concorde (see picture) is more showy and of course for most of the walk we were able to see the bright sexy lights of the tower itself giving us a constant landmark to aim for.

It was a 5.2km walk, but I have no idea how long it took. That is usually the case when we are together, time just vanishes. We had so much fun on the way there, talking, laughing, and taking pictures as well purchasing a pink beret for His daughter on route. I have impressed myself on this trip, I thought I had forgotten all my French, but you know what, I have done OK, even if I do say so myself.

If you ever get the chance to go up to the top of the Eiffel Tower then make sure you do it. We had to queue for over an hour, which was far from ideal for an impatient little slut who hates the cold, but I would happily do it all over again. It is worth it. Inside one of the massive legs of the Tower you are all herded into a 2 story lift that raises you up to the 1st viewing level but it was at this point that I learnt something new about myself. I am scared of heights.

I know in the pass I have had moments when I have thought, wow that’s a bit high, but this was different, all of a sudden I was scared, and I mean real fear. I could feel my heart racing, I was shaking and I just wanted to hold onto the nearest solid object. For a brief moment this calmed me, until I looked down and to my horror, right by my feet, was this small gap between the girder and the platform we were standing on and there was a clear view all the way to the ground and the fear was back, real heart pounding legs shaking stomach churning fear.

I think it was at this point that he realised I wasn’t faking it, I was genuinely scared, and He came to my rescue and believe it or not he managed to calm me enough that he could actually coax me to the very edge of the gallery and even leave me there while he took my picture, then it was into lift 2 and up to the top. This involved me burying my face in His chest, if I couldn’t see then I was fine and this is where it gets weird because now we are seriously high up and the view was spectacular but the difference here, is that it was closed in, solid walls below the waist and plastic the rest of the way. I was happy here, closed in I felt safe.

If you have been up to the top you will know that you can then take the final few steps right up to the very top, well surely that will be closed in, I mean what fool would leave it open to the wind and rain right. Wrong, that is exactly what they have done, a strong wire mesh and solid barrier from the waist down is all you get and the wind was vicious. For some reason that I have yet to work out I could manage up here too, but there was no way I was going anywhere near the edge but then I didn’t need to. This floor turned out to be about something else altogether, and the reason for Him bringing me all the way up here suddenly leapt into my ears. It was to be a moment in my life that I will never ever forget.

The descent is a much quicker process than the ascent although the lift change involves yet more queuing but soon we were back on the ground and yet again standing underneath this massive structure. I really don’t think you can comprehend quite how vast the Eiffel Tower is until you have stood underneath it and looked up its skirt….so to speak. (see picture, me looking back up at my future) It will take your breath away, but not like the wind on the top will! LOL

By now we were starving and this amazing evening was rounded off with a lovely French meal and a shared bottle wine. By the time we had eaten it was pouring with rain and neither of us felt like a 5km walk home and so we resorted to that wonderful creation of a taxi. Once back to the hotel he set about undressing me and showing me just what my future with him holds…..


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LambChop December 7, 2010 - 5:59 pm

…”me looking back up at my future”
What a lovely turn of a phrase, Molly!

slave alisha December 8, 2010 - 10:16 pm

beautiful, sensual, perfect…


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