Favourite Places

by Molly Moore
Cropped image of molly in the hottub one of her favourite places

When I was contemplating what to do for Sinful Sunday this week I had a look at the 5 Things meme to see if it would inspire me. The prompt is; Favourite Places…

“A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.” ~ George Augustus Moore

I love going on adventures. I have to admit I wish I had travelled more over the years but budget and family have limited those options but I have been lucky to go on some adventures and found some favourite places that I absolutely love


If I have a spiritual home then it is in Greece. From my 1st visit there when I was 11 I have felt a huge affinity with Greece and I have long held a dream of moving there one day or having a home there. One of the other dreams I have had has been to rent a house in Greece for 3 months of the summer and spend it there writing, walking, swimming, exploring etc. Maybe friends and family would come and visit us. We would drive there, take the dog. One day


The city of love and that is the definitely the case for me. I flew to Philly 12 years ago this April to met a man I had fallen in love with on the internet. Madness? Probably. But that man is currently downstairs cooking my dinner so it was definitely worth the trip. I love Philadelphia. What a great city, full of history and amazing food and lovely people. We have not been back for quite a few years now. Again budget but then Covid. Hopefully soon. It’s a place filled with joyful happy memories for both us and also a lovely beautiful (step) daughter and Grandchildren (step) that need holding.


My home town. I was bought up there and my parents still live in the same house. I LOVE London. It is a place where I feel comfortable and at home. I have often be sad that I no longer live there but recently that has changed and I am happy it is close by and I get to visit. Covid has kept me away from some of my favourite bits though but hopefully that will improve now.


I spent every school summer holiday here for much of childhood. The home of my maternal grandparents. It holds many happy memories. At a time in my life when I felt hugely unsafe at school this place was my safe space. I could cast off all the fear and anxiety that goes with being bullied and just relax. I have thought of retiring down here one day. We shall see.


Last May I moved to a new house in a new torn just north of where I had been living for the last 21 years. I had never really liked that house. I only stayed because the kids were in school and had their friends and lives there. But last year school was finally done and they both drive and it was time for a change. It was scary leaving that house, even though I hated it, it was all I had known as a home for a long time but from the moment I walked into the door of this new house I knew I had made the right decision. I LOVE my new house SO much. For the first time in many many years I have a home I can’t wait to get back to. I wake up every morning in my beautiful bright bedroom and can’t believe I actually live here. Everything about it, the house, the location, my hot tub in the garden and the people I share it with makes me happy.

I have felt that in a long time and having it now, well it is precious and beautiful and damn I love it.

There are many places that I love, places that are important to me but this house, this house with Michael makes me happy every single day and whilst I might be tempted by some adventures elsewhere in future I know I will always look forward to coming home here.

Molly sitting naked in one of her favourite places the hot tub showing a tangle of wet underarm hair
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Jayden R Vincente March 27, 2022 - 2:50 am

That’s so awesome! I live near Philly. It’s a great city. 😀

JerBear March 27, 2022 - 2:50 pm

I love your underwater world in this picture. That could feel like home to me.

mywildlens March 27, 2022 - 7:16 pm

This is so beautiful. I hope I find that kind of home too.

Bee March 28, 2022 - 4:05 pm

I found a new happy place this past week, coming back home has been really tough but practicalities mean I need to remain where I am…one day *wistful sigh*


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