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“What the hand does the mind remembers.” ~ Maria Montessori

And just in case I should forget he took a picture for me.

On Thursday The Gentleman and I managed to finally spend a few hours together not socially distanced and we made absolutely excellent use of the time as you can see from the picture.

Not only did he leave his mark on me, in more ways the one but I also got to christen my beautiful new bed and actually my new house too as the only person I have had sex with since moving in had been myself. It feels more like home now that I have fucked in it and my new bed is starting to collect some memories. Happy sex fuelled ones.

Also it reminded me just how much I love sex. How it feeds my soul. I have missed it so much and I am determined to change that and have more fabulous sex and kink too. The stinging pain that accompanied getting those hand marks. Well they made me hiss because fuck that hurt and quite frankly it has been a LONG time but also they reminded me how much I need and want that stuff.

It was good to be touched. It was also so good to remember who I am…

Molly's bottom with bright red hand print marks on it
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  • VF


    • Molly Moore

      Thank you

  • Victoria Blisse

    Yesssssss! You got your marks! I’m so happy for you! Yaaaaay!

    • Molly Moore

      Thanks Victoria… I knew you would get ‘it’ when you saw my post


  • Focused and Filthy

    Great news on the christening the new house!
    Those are some impressive marks
    I can feel the glow from then from here. Bet it’s put a smile on your face.
    Missy x x

    • Molly Moore

      Oh it definitely did. I am determined to get more of it now

  • LittleSwitchBitch

    If I could have liked thsi post more than once I would I have <3 So happy to see you getting what you need, Molly! I understand your need for connection so I know how big this was for you – the first of many, I hope <3 x

    • Molly Moore

      I hope so too

  • Jayden Vincente

    Lovely marks! Congrats. <3

  • Gemma Jones

    Congratulations. It is good to see things improving for you

  • mywildlens

    It is so lovely to share in your joy! Wonderful news.

  • Modesty Ablaze

    Happy christening … lovely marks … and may there be many more to follow !!!
    Xxx – K

  • Zebra Rose

    Yaaaaay!!! Looks like you had a great time, and I’m so pleased for you!

  • Luv Bunny

    I’m glad you got to re-connect with The Gentleman, and celebrate being in your new home.
    Sounds like a great time was had! 😉

  • Bee

    This makes me so happy for you, I’m so glad you’re finally getting what you need! And I’m super envious of those pretty marks.

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