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Molyl leaning out of window with sunlight on her hair and thigh dreaming of better time

“Dreaming, after all, is a form of planning.” – Gloria Steinem

This quote feels very appropriate for life right now as planning is pretty much out the window at the moment. Who knows if this Lockdown will end when they say it will and even if it does I fear that it will mean we can go back to the shops and the pub but not to seeing people beyond that which means I still won’t get to see any of my partners or my friends in the way that I am dreaming of.

I thought I would be OK with this pause, that it would be easier than last time but actually the opposite is true. I am finding it much harder than last time. I think some of that is because the last never really ended for me. Yes I got to spend some time with MJ, started my relationship with The Gentleman and was just starting to feel my way with a bit more kink play with someone too but in the scheme of things those moments where fleeting. Amazing in the moment but then over too soon and for now set aside until some day.

I think that is hardest thing about all this. That you can’t plan. You can’t say, well it’s hard now but on the so and so I will get to spend time with X or The Charmer will come in January so that is something to look forward to. You can only look forward to the idea of it, hoping that something will fall into place and it will happen. The one thing that I hold on to though is knowing that those people are as invested as me, they want it to happen as much as I do and when there is a way everyone definitely has the will for it.

So for now all I have are dreams based on memories and desire. That one day there will days like in this picture again with joy and passion and fabulous fucking that feeds my soul and makes me happy. I dream of those day, I savour those memories and long for them to be possible again.

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  • JerBear

    ohhh, that’s nice!

  • We_Fear_Nothing

    I love this image, just you looking out the window Xx

  • Focused and Filthy

    I hear you Molly x

  • Jane

    The not being able to plan anything – the uncertainty and the not knowing – is absolute pants. Hang in there, my lovely, and hold tight to those dreams in the meantime. Jane xxx

  • Monstrous Jaffa

    We all dream of those days Molly xx

  • LittleSwitchBitch

    I think we all feel like that right now, Molly <3
    The lightening in your image is so beautiful – I love how I can easily make out the line of your bum through the fabric <3

    Oh and don't forget to link up to QuoteQuest – thank you for joining in x

  • David Mei

    Lovely view.
    Dreaming of when this is under control

  • Modesty Ablaze

    Beautiful photo … may your dreams all come true.

    Xxx – K

  • Bee

    Funnily enough this lockdown has somewhat passed me by. I’ve done nothing but work and it’s only been this week where I could’ve seen anyone as I’m not working (sort of) but it’s winter so being outside doesn’t fill me with much glee!

    That said my upcoming isolation is filling me with far more dread than I had anticipated, maybe it’s more down to being so short notice I can’t get people Xmas gifts to them before the new year which is an irritation. That said in comparison to some, I can’t complain at the length as others have had it far worse than me.

  • Mary Wood

    Dreams are very good. When you can and know how to plan your life it is also very good. But right now, it seems to me, we have most acutely felt the value of living human communication.

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