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Molly in sunlight in Quince tree in October

“I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”
~ Lucy Maud Montgomery

Today is definitely not a beautiful October day. It is windswept and pouring with rain but that was not the case when I took this image a couple of weeks ago. It was a glorious autumn day, still warm in the sunshine and mostly dry under foot.

Tonight the clocks change. October turns to winter. The Quince are all gone. 2020 is drawing to a close. 9 weeks left of this fucked up year.

The seasons roll on, nature ebbs and flows with no care to the drama that is the human race despite the damage we have wrought upon it.

Earlier this year I stood in the exact same spot and took this shot, Constant Friends, when I saw the sunlight on the fruits I knew I should take another picture that marked the end of the cycle that I had captured back at in April.

Time is weird at the moment. It seems both like yesterday and a lifetime ago when I took that picture. We were still in lockdown. The dog was not yet part of my life, in fact some very important people had yet to even been met. Despite all the hell of 2020 I feel blessed to have found myself where I am today and to have found some true joy in my life. The winter is a daunting prospect but there is also nothing to be done to stop it seizing the day. I am trying to take a leaf from it’s book and seize those moments when they are presented to me.

Even in the depths of winter there can be growth.

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  • LensCap

    Someone has to say it… What a great pear!!!!!!

  • Nikki

    Love this stunning image and your poignant words. I can relate to many of them, and concur, Molly, time *is* weird.

  • Modesty Ablaze

    Lovely, captivating photo … and yes, captivate every special moment when they arise.
    Xxx – K

  • LittleSwitchBitch

    “Even in the depths of winter there can be growth.” – Oh I love that, Molly <3 I think I am gonna try my best to remember that this year… I too, find winter hard x

  • Julie

    You are so right about this year! There is someth8ing beautiful about that moment of autumn before winter arrives though. Especially when it comes to deep greens and browns. Great image xx

  • HappyComeLucky

    Seize those moments whenever they come along. There is beauty in so many ways in so many moments. Beautiful post, Molly.

  • elliott henry

    Love hiding images and seeing your nipples thru the foliage.

  • Alethea Hunt

    Much as it feels like little has been achieved by 2020, everything moves on. From the flowers to the fruit, one season of our lives closes as another starts. As ever, a beautiful picture, marking the changes that have happened while we weren’t looking.

  • David Mei

    Beautiful images both the earlier and this.
    I would love to see the four seasons from this spot.
    As always, beautifully done.

  • Bee

    This year has been strange in so many ways, I was hoping being at home would give me more opportunities to get some outdoor images but that sadly wasn’t the case.

    The turning of the clocks isn’t something I’m relishing, dark mornings and evenings are upon us once more. The countdown begins for warmer weather and brighter moods once more.

  • Lisa Stone

    tasty fruits

  • Storm

    I’m dreading the time change here. Time is all wonky as it is.
    Beautiful image, so magical.

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