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Bitch in heat

Molly up against the wall with her grey knickers round her thighs

I am all bitch in heat today.

A throbbing aching need to be fucked sits heavy and hot between my thighs like the smouldering wood of a night time fire it glows hot and fiery; A constant distraction throughout my day.

There are days when I crave the soft caress of a hand, slow lingering kisses, bodies curled up together. No rushing, but gentle easy time, an exploration of one another, like a sultry summer’s evening watching the sunset crawl across the sky.

But today I don’t want that, today I want something urgent and powerful. Hot kisses that bruise my lips, rough hands that pull at my hair and clothes, twisting me round and pinning me in place. Don’t ask me if it is OK. Don’t be nice to me. I want a nasty fuck, all desperate and raw.

I am slick with my own juices at the thought of it.

Your hand dragging my knickers down just enough to gain you access to my cunt. A pause as you fumble with the fasting on your trousers. You open them just enough to be able to get your cock out. There is no time for anything else. There is no need for anything else.

You pause though, just for a moment, the head of your cock nudging at my wet opening. Are you asking for my consent? I arch my back, offering myself and your fingers dig into the flesh of my hips as you drive yourself balls deep into me until your body is pressed up tight against my arse.

“Dirty little bitch” you mummer into my ear and you are right. I am a dirty little bitch. A dirty little bitch in heat; Bent over, knickers round my thighs, skirt bunched up at my waist, my hands braced against the bathroom counter top as you fuck your cock into me again and again.

Our eyes meet in the mirror. You watch me, I watch you. For a brief moment I wonder if our friends have noticed we are missing. I don’t really care to be honest. I wanted this. I wanted you. Here and now, quick and urgent just because we can, just because it is hot. Just because today I feel like a bitch in heat and that is what I needed and when I whispered the thought into your ear at the bar it seemed to be what you needed too.

And now that this is written I am going to go upstairs, shut my bedroom door, spread my legs wide and fuck myself with a glass dildo, urgent little thrusts deep inside my aching cunt while I think about you cumming inside me and whether our friends would be able to smell the sex lingering around us both when we finally rejoined them in the bar.

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