Come alive…

by Molly Moore
Cropped image from the one in the post black and white of mollys thigh and a glimpse of her cunt. You can just make out a smattering of pubic hair

The prompt on Revelations is “Ask yourself what makes you come alive.” ~ Howard Thurman. I have been struggling to think of what to write for it but then this morning I was doing yoga and this thought just appeared in my head. Once yoga was done, naked in case you are wondering, I thought about having a wank right there on the floor of my study but then I decided that I would channel that horn into writing… and then have a wank!


The curtains flutter in the warm afternoon breeze. I lay naked on the bed my legs spread wide. Outside the window the noises of a summer afternoon fill the air, in the distance children playing, a dog is barking, there is the sound of water running and birds singing. Somehow the noises of life outside the window add a more decadent air to this moment.

My fingers weave into your hair as you mouth finds my clit. I let out a sigh as warm breath turns to hot lips and tongue. You start slow, gentle, building up the pressure. You suck and lick at my clit one hand holding me open the other pressing one of my thighs wide. I sink into the sensation, my eyes closed, focusing my mind on how it feels, on how you feel as you work me with your mouth.

My body starts to twitch beneath you, my hips pressing up into you. My cunt hole aches to be filled

“Please” I mummer

“Oh please. Please, a finger. Please?” You lift your head, our eyes meet. I can see the look of triumph in your eye. You love it when I plead.

Your hand dips again between my legs but this time your mouth finds the soft flesh of my thigh and you suck it between you teeth. I hiss at the sharp little stab of pain as you suck on my flesh and the ache in my cunt deepens in response.

“Oh fuck, please. Please put them in me” I whimper

You shift your mouth, finding a new spot and repeat the same sucking motion but this time your fingers start to press at the entrance to my cunt. I push down the bed, trying in vain to impale myself on them. Desperate to be filled, desperate to be stretched.

But you make me wait, you tease and suck and I hear you chuckle through a mouthful of my thigh until I am almost weeping with the need for you

And then you push a finger into me. One and then two and just before your mouth finds my clit again I hear you say,

“Come for me, my love”

And as my orgasm floods through me I come alive, powerfully wonderfully alive.

black and white of mollys thigh and a glimpse of her cunt. You can just make out a smattering of pubic hair
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Ttroika August 9, 2023 - 11:50 am

That was hot!! Seriously, very well done.


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