Flogging Molly

by Molly Moore

31st August 2011

“They are all watching Slut; can you feel their eyes on you?”

A little whimper is all I can manage in reply.

I am suspended by the wrist cuffs to the spider’s web in the dungeon. The air is hot and sticky in the old stables, even though the doors are open no breeze passes through and the increasing number of warm bodies pushes the temperature up and up. The sweat trickles down my back and pools in the curve of my spine. I glance over my shoulder at him, I can see the sweat beading on his brow and running in little rivulets down the side of his face. It makes me want to lick him.

My arse is already burning from the use of the flogger but I am not broken yet and I stand defiant in my bonds and continue to hold his gaze as he speaks…

“So it seems that an audience has an interesting effect on you my darling”

A finger runs down my spine, following the trail left by my sweat, a hand rounds the rise of my behind, over my burning flesh, grazing at it with nails, before probing between my thighs, dipping into the molten heat of my pussy. My legs shake and my knees threaten to buckle as the ripples of orgasm immediately starts to dance across my lower belly and into my cunt.

“Not yet” he whispers into me ear as the fingers slip from my hole, “I am not done yet”

For a moment a hush falls across the room, the still air holds it breath, waiting…. I know they are watching, I can sense their presence behind me, the odd shuffling of feet and whispered conversation floats around me but I don’t care anymore. I hear it then, the swish of the leather tails as they drive through the air and wrap themselves around me. The heavy thud of the flogger makes me gasp as it impacts my body over and over, one strike following on immediately from another. The noise and the sensation start to mould together inside my brain. The wrist cuffs no longer bite, my legs not longer feel, all that is left to me is the flogger, the heat, the heavy thud, and the sting. My eyes close and the world around me drift away.

The pain is there but the heat from my skin seems to mask it, dulling it down and turning it into something more akin to pleasure, my back arches and I offer more of myself to him. He knows now that my boundaries are blurred that I am in danger of driving him on beyond what I need and so he pauses, just for a few brief moments, before lifting the flogger again. It is the audible gasp of the voyeurs which pulls me back and this time I cry out but still it doesn’t stop. There is only one way to make it stop.

The word buzzes around inside my mind as if battling its way to the outside. I want more but I want less, I want it to stop, I want it to carry on. The word fizzes around on my tongue, forming inside my mouth and yet still I fight it.

“Stop fighting it,” he hisses at me “Say the word Slutmine, let them hear you”

And with that he brings the flogger down on me hard and firm as if to drive the word from my very soul. It spills out across the room and is followed by the sound of the flogger dropping to the floor. He unclips my wrists and I half fall, half step into his arms. He kisses me and still they watch, their eyes travelling over my curves, the bruises darken and flourish with each minute that passes.

“Thank them” he commands

“Thank them for watching you Slut”

He turns me to face the room, and finally I see them, I am stunned how many of them there are, watchers, voyeurs, players in our intimate game. All of a sudden I am shy, my voice is gone, I don’t want to see these people, and I don’t want them to see me. I take a step back but as I do his hand slips between my thighs and he pushes a finger inside me.

I just about manage to utter the words “Thank you for watching me” before the orgasm rips through my body and holds me in its passionate grasp. The crowd starts to melt away, they are oblivious to my state, in my final moments of utter abandon it is just me and him and no more words are needed.


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Jezzy August 30, 2011 - 11:42 pm

wow. you are amazing… so beautiful and so beautifully written… i am wet just reading…

Sophia September 7, 2011 - 9:23 pm

I so agree…

zenagirl69 August 31, 2011 - 2:29 am

Now I really wish I had used that flogger on myself when I had the chance.
This is incredibly erotic, insanely hot.
The idea of being watched and then thanking your audience…cumming in front of them…for them.
kisses, Mrs.

Clive August 31, 2011 - 6:45 am

Phew what a scene hotly told!

KaziGrrl August 31, 2011 - 9:39 am

Wow, I could feel the heat there (in more ways than one!)… beautifully told!

Rebel August 31, 2011 - 4:39 pm

An incredibly horny experience, so beautifully told! WOW!

Livi September 13, 2011 - 7:47 pm

fuck me! that is HOT!


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