Save The Boobies

by Molly Moore

30th October 2010

Did you know that October has been Breast Cancer Awareness month? Well if you didn’t shame on you and why have you not been to Just-Kinky more often, because if you had, you would surely have known about this. I mean who could miss the ever growing photo gallery full of such wonderful moobs/boobs and cleavage shots. What? You haven’t looked, oh well, I guess boobies are just not your thing then.

Well, if you have not been following the Boobs saga on JK, I think a little recap is in order. Jules, our elusive yet esteemed Chief Kinkster, declared to all of JK that if enough boob/moobs where displayed for her in the gallery then she would post her very own titty shot for all to see, however, in typical Jules style, she then changed the rules somewhat, so that now, her boobs will only be posted if I post mine. Can someone please remind me why I like her?

Here is where the problems start though, you see I am not keen on my boobies, actually that’s not strictly true; I am not keen on pictures of my boobies. I love my boobies, they bring me great pleasure, and Him too apparently. I like the way they look when in cased in my best bra, I think they have a good shape and I have a perfectly nice cleavage, but when I take pictures of them it just seems to highlight all the things that are wrong with them.

He tells me it is me, being too self-critical but whenever I try to take pictures of them I look at the results and think, bloody hell they look terrible. For a start taking pictures of your own boobies, well good pictures anyway, I have decided, is even harder than taking ones of your own arse. I know that sounds mad, but if you hold the camera directly in front of you, the lifting of your arms seems to cause them to do odd things, if you use one hand only, then it just emphasis any slight difference in size between the 2 beauties and god forbid if you lay down, because they have a habit of migrating into your arm pits. What can I say, I am no longer 18 and I have used mine for the purpose of feeding little babies. Nuff said I think!

So there you have it, I don’t do boobie pictures, until now that is. I have stalled, protested, flatly refused and ignored all efforts so far, but then she changed the rules and so now, I am giving the world boobie pictures, seeing as it has become a public service but if I post mine, then she is going to post hers. So here you go Jules (you evil madam) now it’s your turn. “Tits out love, we all waiting…..”




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666sAngel October 30, 2010 - 4:13 pm

Wow, Thanks for sharing .. I am with you I HATE boobie pictures mine happen to be probably close to a size different and it just makes me cringe to see them in a photo.

Your boobies are gorgeous and I am sure make DomSigns very happy

aphrodite645 October 30, 2010 - 7:14 pm

LOL Love your gorgeous breasts Molly mmmm and I know what you mean about taking your own boobie pictures but once again you have achieved the impossible and presented us with lovely images to feast our eyes.

mollyskiss October 30, 2010 - 7:28 pm

Thank you very much, I am providing a public service….LOL

Jules next!


Jules (Da Scouser) November 1, 2010 - 10:06 am

Sighssss…Another amazing idea of mine hey hey hey 😛 Gotta admit girl…I’m gooooooooooooood 😛 & “The Save The Boobies” campaign has been a huge success, loads of Members contributed, it drew new members in & your blog stats went thru the roof 😀 & btw..nout wrong with your boobs, they are lovely (& that’s the nearest your gettin to a compliment from me so hush) …& thanks for posting them…doing this blog post & being my right hand (does that sound right? no..ok…I mean ummm Partner in crime..yay..that’s better. 😛 We’ll carry the campaign on huh & keep making a difference to peoples lives thru JK huh.
PS…Mine as you know (seeing as tho you told the whole flaming world on Sat night) are up too now 😛 xxx


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