March 25th 2010

11 days to go……

Dear Sir……

“Do you want to cum for me Slut?”

“Yes Sir”

“So why are you sitting there with your legs so tightly closed then?”


“Come now Slut, open them for me……” he purrs

I part my legs slightly and rest back onto my elbows

“Wider Slut, come on, show me my pretty pussy”

His words excite me and I respond, my legs opening wider…… “Mmmmm, such a lovely, wet pussy. Such a good slut. Now rub your pussy for me”

For a moment I hesitate and lift my hips slightly offering myself up to him, he smiles down at me and says, “Soon slut, but I want to watch you first, now do it for me”

My fingers trail down over my stomach and across my shaven mound, and delve between my delicate folds to find that hard knotted piece of flesh. As I graze my finger across it my pussy twitches slightly at the touch but I run my fingers further down until I find my opening. It is already dripping wetness and I draw the sticky moisture back up over my pussy and coat my throbbing clit with it.

“Such a good slut” he growls at me “Now make yourself cum for me”

I push down harder on my clit and roll it around and around with my finger, the sensations within my pelvis already building, but I am empty and my pussy throbs to be filled…… “Please Sir” I whimper “Please touch me, please!”

He chuckles “Not yet Slut, I want to watch, and if you do a good job and cum for me then I might touch you, now use the glass and make yourself cum Slutmine”

“Push it in Slut, all in one go” My hips buck and I moan as the smooth cold glass dildo pushes deep inside me, as deep as it can go, and then I start to slide it in and out, slowly at first, relaxing into the sensation but my desire to be touch cannot be satisfied by this and I open my legs wider and look up at him. I plead with him yet again to touch me, to help me, to fill me as only he can…….

“No Slut, this time I am going to watch, and you are going to-do it for me. Now don’t make me say it again” As he shift and moves between my thighs I close my eyes briefly, his gaze feels hot on me and the level of his scrutiny almost unbearable. I work the dildo faster now and my finger pushes down firmly onto my now fully engorged clit but that final realise still seems to elude me, my mind is filled with thoughts of his touch and my body is holding back……..

Suddenly I can feel his breath on my thigh and I hear him breathe in deeply through his nose….. Aahhhh the scent of you is so wonderful, now cum for me, and once I can see you pulsing for me then I will kiss your pussy as if it were your lips, tasting you, licking at you, and covering my face in your juices and then I will kiss your lips and you will taste yourself……

My eyes snap open as I hear these words and I look down and can see his face so close to me, so close I can feel his breath and I want his mouth on me so much that I pull the glass from inside me and offer my hips up to him

“Come NOW, Slut, I won’t wait any longer” Those words of control are all I need and I call out his name as my orgasm spills through my body and my eyes burn with longing and desire as I look down at him and watch as he licks his lips and…….


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V March 25, 2010 - 5:19 pm

Ok Molls… Now I’ve fainted 😉

SOOOOO happy for you gorgeous.

tail gunner March 26, 2010 - 2:10 pm

molly, dear ..
…………… you are easily the most wonderful wet, wicked woman i know !
the gunner

H.H. September 17, 2013 - 2:17 pm

What an extraordinary love mound you have!

jon January 7, 2021 - 11:40 pm



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