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Cropped image Molly sitting on the end of her bed in blue towel taking selfie in the full length mirror

“Yesterday is but today’s memory, and tomorrow is today’s dream.” ~ Khalil Gibran

I am sitting on the end of my new bed post shower wrapped in a big blue towel. My mind is not really anywhere but as I ponder my reflection in the mirror I get a little flash back to a few days before of me bent over this bed, right where I am sitting now and you fucking me from behind. It’s such a vivid scene in my mind’s eye and I can feel my body instantly reacting to the memory, the heat flooding between my thighs.

I pick up my phone and take this picture. I send it to you.

“I was just sitting here thinking about us fucking.”

My old bed had a lot of memories attached to it. I am happy that my new one now has some fucking memories associated with it too.

Next step is to make some more…

Molly sitting on the end of her bed in blue towel taking selfie in the full length mirror
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  • We_Fear_Nothing

    I love the image, it’s simple but then in the context of memories it means something to the people involved by that exact spot.
    Nice to make the memories and then have them to think of later.

  • Modesty Ablaze

    Looking gorgeous … Obviously very happy memories!!!
    Wishing you many more to come !!!
    Xxx – K

  • Zebra Rose

    Wishing you many more wonderful fucking memories! That’s an absolutely gorgeous pic of you 😍

  • HappyComeLucky

    Wonderful. I hope you have many many more.

  • Victoria Blisse

    Oh, this shot is so sensual. I’m glad for new fucking memories too!

  • E.L. Byrne

    love the length and the white space which makes the subject- YOU! All the more gorgeous and the focus!

  • Bee

    Making new happy memories is the best.

  • Jayden Vincente

    Beautiful picture!

    That feeling of memory is so great. It’s what I love when my partner leaves marks. I see them or feel them and the memory of how I felt immediately comes back to me. So strong and real. It’s a rush!

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