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I have not shaved my pubes in, well, a fairly long time. At first it started because I thought whilst I wasn’t really sleeping with someone I would give my skin a rest a week. A week turned into 2 and then 3 and then a month and then. Well you get the idea.

The last time I had a shave was back at the end of October and even then it was a close trim rather than the smooth shave I had done in the past. Although I did shave my labia smooth because oh my that feels so good. But since then it has not been near a razor.

What started as a chance to rest my skin turned into a promise to myself. I would shave when I knew I was going to see The Charmer. It would make it special and exciting getting myself ready for him. Of course those plans never came to fruition and now the world has stolen any chance we did have and so the pubes continue to be left untamed to grow wild and free in my knickers.

The last time I had pubes like this was back in my last 20’s. I started shaving because I liked how it felt, the smooth skin under my fingers made me feel more sexual and sensual. Then new partners appeared who liked how it look and so I carried on. I always shaved me for me though, because it both felt nice and I really liked how it looked.

But if truth be told I have developed rather a liking for my new wild untamed bush. I like how it feels when I stroke it and tug on it. The hair is so soft and I have to admit when I look down at it I think it looks rather sexy. I am also delighted by the fact that there is not a grey hair in sight. Well not yet anyway.

I asked The Charmer how he felt about my ever growing bush and he responded that whilst a big 70’s bush was not really his thing he didn’t really care. If you like it keep it. I will like you and your cunt no matter what. Where his exact words. So for now I am going to keep it. I have grown rather fond of it and it just seems to fit with my desire to enjoy my body despite not being able to do so with another person. It feels kind of earthy and raw, primal even and so I am going to continue to enjoy it untamed and wild whilst also looking forward to the day when I might yet again have reason to bring it a bit more under control.

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  • elliott henry

    You will shave again, there will come a day again. I hope soon.

  • askmefast

    There is something special about a hairy bush. takes me tight back to my first sexual experiences.

    • Molly Moore

      That made me smile. I have heard that from other men and I must admit there is something about it that feels youthful


  • Victoria Blisse

    I am the direct opposite, I shaved down below once and hated it, so never did again. But I don’t have much hair there anyway, but I’ve always really kinda wanted a big bushy bush!

    • Molly Moore

      I actually wish my mind sat closer and thicker to my skin like a real pelt of fur but I guess we all want the thing we don’t have

  • Focused and Filthy

    I love it. Big fan of hair. Big fan of letting people enjoy themselves. (Whichever way they like it)
    Great symmetrical image too
    Missy x

  • NPE

    I can understand going back to the primitive

  • HappyComeLucky

    I haven’t shaved mine since last early summer. I’ve always been a little erratic about when u did or didn’t. I have people that are fans of some hair now and it feels nice to stroke. I’m not exactly a fan of how I look because my hairs are sparse and pale and almost invisible in some images. I gave come to terms with the Greys and whites though.

    Your image is gorgeous.

  • Modesty Ablaze

    Your untamed looks natural and neat actually . . . my own garden tends to spread and quickly becomes untidy if left too long !!!
    XXx – K

  • Marie Rebelle

    Oh this definitely reminded me of growing my own pubes some years ago! Love the symmetry in the image.

    Rebel xox

  • Julie

    G is a fan of hair, so I’ve let mine grow for 6 years. It grows thinner year by year. So, in a way it is a good thing to grow it back from time to time. Yours looks pretty good.

  • Annie savoy

    I think this is a raw untamed Wild time so your lovely bush fits right in.

  • DeviantSuccubus

    Wild and primal can be very sexy too! In the end it is about how you feel about it. I personally feel best when I am shaven and smooth. But I have lazy weeks where I let it grow a bit. I have PCOS so my bush is more like a jungle when untamed, haha.

  • Bee

    Wild thang! I think bushes can be absolutely beautiful but I am not a fan of me having a hairy bush, I hate how hairy I am so it all has to go. Like you I’ve never styled for anyone, always for me, in fact I’ve been known to do the opposite of what I’ve been asked…me contrary? As if!

  • Jupiter Grant

    It’s lovely. I do like a hairy mound 😊

  • Joanne Summers

    Bring on the bush, it looks incredibly sexy and inviting. To shave or not to shave is a personal choice and as long as you are happy with yourself which way you go is a perfect choice. As well as the content being very enticing the pic itself (composition) is fantastic too.

  • Joe

    It is a personal choice but I’ve always appreciated the natural look. That pic of you is gorgeous, btw.

    I seem to recall an article that stated there’s a reason hair grows there. It’s healthy for the skin, particularly for women, keeping it moist and reducing irritation.

    And, nasty bastard I am, I think it sniffs better.

    • Molly Moore

      That made me smile… I am rather fond of body smells too


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