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By on June 21, 2015.

I am all about cock. Despite being attracted to women my love of cock far outweighs my same sex attraction. If I never had sex with another woman again I would be a bit sad but ultimately not that sad, the same can not be said for cock. I love cock and I absolutely fucking love this shot of @domsigns in the shower. When I took it the other day on my phone, I got a stern look accompanied by the words ‘you know my feelings on cock shots’ as he assumed that I was going to post the image to Twitter. When I told him it was too good for Twitter (no offense, Twitter) and that it was a picture just for me, he said OK. I liked the shot so much that I downloaded it off my phone onto my computer so I could play about with it (no pun intended) in Lightroom. I liked the result of that so much that I then asked if I could post it here. Happily he agreed and so here is a rare, but in my opinion utterly beautiful and seriously hot, glimpse of @domsigns

I love cock, but I fucking adore, with a passion, this cock!

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  1. My relationship with cock is complicated. It is a requirement that my partner have one, but my sexuality and my desire isn’t focused on the cock. They all look kind of funny to me, so the aesthetics are mostly irrelevant. I find other body parts more aesthetically pleasing, and I’m attracted more to masculinity in general than the actual penis.

    I mean, I need my partner to have a cock, but I’m not enamored of the cock.

  2. I’m sure we’ve all seen our fair share of cock shots but every once in a while a beauty like this comes along. So we’ll composed and the water just makes it…umph! X
    Ouizzi recently posted..Soft Morning GlowMy Profile

  3. I hear you girl. I am all about the cock as well. And the ass. That’s a great cock.i see why you feel so strongly about it

  4. Molly, Molly, Molly—you know my opinion on cock shots. *However*, this is really fabulously done. (On a cell phone, really?) The composition is great, the water is such a nice add, and the tones are delightful. Also, the subject of the image is quite nice. 😉 Really beautifully done! Also, I’m with you on the cock thoughts. Big time. XX-Jade
    Jade A. Waters recently posted..Elust #71 – The smartest, sexiest, and hottest reads – all in one place!My Profile

  5. I’m not averse to a cock shot, assuming there’s some thought and style to it, and there’s *definitely* thought and style here. Beautiful image! Xx

  6. I’m a fan of cock shots in general, particularly well intended ones (and creatively considered ones). This one though, is absolutely top notch. (No question it would be with you behind the camera). The composition, the colors, the glass/water combo, the gorgeous subject matter, it’s all singing. Really, really lovely!
    MariaSibylla recently posted..GlassesMy Profile

  7. Eu penso que meu pênis é bonito, mas pequeno, eu gosto de relacionamentos, mas o mais importante em ralacionamentos não é sexo mas o lado emocional, o sentimento, profundo chamado de amor, convivencia é fundamental para o relacionamento, também é improtante o diálogo!

    Edit: This is the Google Translation, if you have a better translation please let me know.
    I think my penis is beautiful but small, I like relationships, but more importantly in ralacionamentos is not sex but the emotional side, the feeling, deep call of love, coexistence is key to the relationship, it is also important dialogue !

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