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By on May 31, 2014.

As a general rule I tend to leave most of my images as close to ‘out of the camera’ as I can. In other words I do very little editing to them. I sometimes tweak the clarity, lighting and luminance to reduce any noise in the image that I don’t like but apart from that they are pretty much exactly as they came out of the camera. Sometimes an image will lend itself to more and I will play around with the colours, muting some out and keeping others in to create a final look or highlight an aspect of the image that I like. However I never edit me, I’ve never airbrushed my skin or altered my shape in any way. For me it is important that my images are as an honest account of me and my body as possible.

Black and white is a medium I use from time to time. In fact I often play around with my images and try them out in black and white but most of the time I end up returning at least some of the colour to them. I think the fact that I take many of my images outdoors means that when I try to remove the colour I often feel that rather than adding something to image it has actually taken something away. The richness of the natural colours in the outdoors are instantly lost but every now and then the black and white works and when it works I think it makes a really good image

Woman in lingerie climbing over stileand turns it into something more

Black and white versionWhat do you think?

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  1. I think I’ve said it before I’m a sucker for a black & white photo. At first I felt a western/country/southern sort of feel to it, then looking at the black & white I had a feeling of “Wizard of Oz”…Kansas, when Dorothy is headed home before the storm hits, wind blowing…always great stuff Molly.
    SassyCat recently posted..The Lemon SongMy Profile

  2. Ooh! Definitely prefer the black and white. I think it’s because all your skin and the white cloud punch out far more strongly in that version. You seem ‘highlighted’ (is that the right word?) and I get more Molly. Always a good thing! πŸ™‚ Jane xxx
    Jane recently posted..Sinful Sunday: PhoenixMy Profile

  3. I love your color images, but for this photo I definitely prefer the black and white, it really makes your body & the clouds pop. I love the scenery & your graceful pose; gorgeous shot!
    Penny recently posted..Black & White vs. ColorMy Profile

  4. I agree with the others. I have to find you in the colour but in the b&w, you stand out and look as if you are stepping into another world with the clouds. Beautiful pictures.

  5. I’ve always been an admirer of your work Molly and your images.

    I love the B&W version it gives you drama and a dark sensuality. I also like the way it adds definition to your figure and highlights the skin tone.

    Fingersmith xxx

  6. The movement of your dress, flowing, matches the swirling feel of the central circular shape to this photo. It’s maximised so much in the black and white version that at first I thought you’d applied another effect to make the swirl more pronounced. But in fact the eye is drawn to the central figure, you – and the circular shape is almost a mystical gateway of it’s own. we’re left wondering what adventures await you over the stile.
    Love this
    Cara Sutra recently posted..Yes all women deserve respect and a life free from fear; not all men need comment on this with aggressive defenceMy Profile

  7. I can’t decide! I love the striking colour if the dress in the first image but I love how you become the focus in the B&W. They’re both equally gorgeous.
    sub-Bee recently posted..Waxing lyricalMy Profile

  8. I am with you on the black and white issue with outdoors images they do often lose something when turned black and white, this one however works really well. I love how your skin seems to luminesse in the black and white version drawing the eye in.

    ~Mia~ xx
    Mia recently posted..Peek A BooMy Profile

  9. It’s only a small detail, I know, but I love that you’re barefoot here. It’s close, but I *think* I prefer the b/w photo – your hair really stands out in it, for one thing.
    Exhibit A recently posted..Sinful Sunday: Eureka!My Profile

  10. i love them both for different reasons

    i enjoy the tones to your skin and the contrast between darkness and light (almost a good vs sinful) in the black and white pic

    the colored one is a riot of colors and temperatures and meanings … it can overwhelm the senses
    shalla recently posted..pics of my new white braMy Profile

  11. Wow, the black and white makes this come to life for me. It creates a different atmosphere, like a storm is coming which is a lovely contrast against the soft flow of your dress. I also love that you are barefoot, overall just a fabulous image.
    Ouizzi recently posted..For The Love of MonoMy Profile

  12. I love this! As many have noted, you really glow in the black and white version. I also feel that, with your bare feet and the breeze blowing your hair and dress, you are rushing to a liaison at a remote cottage or some other trysting spot.
    Mariasibylla recently posted..High DiveMy Profile

  13. I’ve just made a similar comment on Penny’s photos πŸ™‚ I prefer the colour for exactly the reason you outline, the B/W drains nature photos of their definition. I also think the natural colours look almost ethereal, as Nature often does πŸ˜‰ Stunning photo, btw πŸ™‚ x
    fridayam recently posted..Giving ThoughtMy Profile

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