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by Molly Moore
Foreign Fannies United

15th June 2012

Friday is fanny day here on Molly’s Daily Kiss and this week I have decided to repost a Pussy Pride post from another blog. Ruby Goodnight published this piece on her blog earlier this week. The reason I have decided to publish it here is because it is the first post for the Pussy Pride Project that has been written by both partners in a same-sex relationship. When they writing this piece I saw a tweet from them that made me so happy. In it they said

@TheMrsGoodnight & I are working on joint #PussyPride blog for @Mollysdailykiss‘s blog. Don’t think we’ve ever discussed our fannys so much!”

It is the last sentence that made me rather proud to be honest as it would appear from this tweet that my Pussy Pride Project bought these two wonderful woman, who are quite clearly in love, just the teeny bit closer together by sharing a subject that, I am sure, they have discussed before but maybe in not such a focused way. The result is a beautiful piece of writing and I am delighted that Ruby has given me permission to repost it here in its entirety.

Foreign Fannies United

Foreign Fannies UnitedWhen Molly from MollysDailyKiss asked Mrs Goodnight and I to take part in her ongoing Pussy Pride Project, I must admit I was slightly hesitant at first. I was aware of the project even before Molly and I started on our path to friendship (as I had been a tad of a blog-stalker for a while) and had toyed with the idea before. Unlike a lot of the women who have posted, I am still in the phase of growing comfortable with my own pussy.

I’ve never been the type to shout about my body from the rooftops, but I feel it’s now time to take a step forward and start being much more positive about my pussy. Mrs Goodnight and I have done this blog post in two parts – one part being me discussing my own pussy, as well as hers. Then Mrs Goodnight takes over and discusses her own lady parts, and her take on mine.

Ruby’s Pussy Pride

Visually, my pussy is rather closed up. The inner labia is completely enclosed by my larger labia majora. It’s quite chubby, as well, compared to the rest of my body. When wearing swimsuits and leggings, it is very obvious where my stomach ends and where my pussy begins. This was quite embarrassing for me when I was younger, and the fashion was tight leggings and oversized tops. I was forever pulling my top lower to cover my fanny. When I used to perform, my fat fanny was often a delight for the Doms, as the lips made the visual reaction to a crop slap quite obvious. On the flip side, I’ve had it negatively referred to as a ‘chunt’ (chubby cunt). I’ve had the thought at several points in my life to get a Christina piercing, as I’ve been told my pussy is a perfect specimen for one. I’m not as embarassed about my bits as I used to be, but I’m not as proud of them as I am other parts of my body. I keep it tightly trimmed and shaved along the sides, and generally wear cotton panties as since my son was born and my hormones have changed, I am perpetually wet.

I am very aware that Mrs Goodnight is very unsure about her own pussy. I delight in the fact that I know it’s completely mine. No other person has touched her before me, and I was the one to open her eyes as to the exciting things a pussy can do for you. She isn’t quite ‘proud’ of her parts yet, as much as I tell her that it is a thing to behold. The taste is sweet and musky, and the folds move in a lovely way when I move my tongue through her skin. I do appreciate her pussy more than I do my own, mostly because I know that this is a tool that I use in order to make her feel ecstasy.

Mrs Goodnight’s Pussy Pride

I’ve always been self conscience about my pussy. The labia minora is significantly bigger than the outer lips, and I thought for years that there was something ‘wrong’ with me. I never saw a lot of pussies when I was younger, and even now I have a reservation in the back of my head that my lips are so large because I pulled at them when I was younger, hoping to get rid of them. (Note from Ruby – Mrs Goodnight was tearing up as she was saying this.) I wouldn’t get surgery to correct it, more because I’m as cheap as they come, and at the end of the day, it’s only Ruby that will see my bits, and she seems perfectly comfortable with them. I don’t like shaving, since I always seem to nick my bits. I use a buzzer to keep the ginger hair down to a reasonable level. I have become more comfortable with my own body over the years, thanks to Ruby. If it was just me, I’m sure I’d still be as ashamed as I was when I was a teenager. I probably should sound a bit more positive, since I’m trying to be proud of my pussy. I have a very tight pussy – or so Ruby tells me. I like this in a way, but I also don’t like it since we have to get dildos that are smaller. I love that it’s ginger. I’m glad that we did this post, as it shows me that I’ve been so negative about it for most of my life. It’s certainly time to change my thought process.

I know Ruby’s pussy like the back of my own hand. I know exactly where each spot is that turns her on and makes her cum. Even though I had never been with another woman before I met Ruby, I don’t see that as a negative. I didn’t go into the relationship with pre-determined ideas about how to work a pussy, and as a result, I’m the only person to ever get Ruby to cum through g-spot stimulation. In my head, Ruby’s pussy is the way one ‘should’ look, probably because my frame of reference is limited. I love the feeling when the two of us rub our pussies together and cum.

The Mrs’ Goodnights


Ps… If you have a comment for The Mrs’ Goodnights please do take the time to click HERE and leave it on their original post and while you are there I can highly recommend Ruby’s blog as a great read.

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