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By on February 5, 2012.

5th February 2012

February has been declared as the month of the whip. For each day in February I will be given one stroke of the whip. So on the 1st of the month I got one stroke, on the 2nd of the month 2 strokes, on the 3rd of the month 3 strokes, and so on until we get to the 29th February and 29 strokes of the whip.

Strokes, I wonder why we refer to it as a ‘stroke of the whip’…. Hands stroke backs, fingers stroke cheeks , we stroke a cat, we use a stroke when we swim but whips, they don’t stroke. Whips bite and rip and sting and mark and make me cry out. The touch of the whip is nothing like a stroke unless it is stroke of genius that is because even though I hate every moment of it touching me the minute it over I am looking at the trail it has left behind and thinking about the next lot of vicious kisses that it will deliver to me tomorrow. Like so many things he uses to challenge my mind and body I can declare that I hate it. I loath that thing. I want to never see it again or hear that sound as it flies through the air and finds the delicate skin of my behind and yet, my body betrays me, because if you look closely between my thighs you will see the real truth of the matter. Which is love…

Heart shape light between thighs

Just in case you were wondering that will be a total of 435 strokes of the whip in total.


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  1. Lovely marks! I had a taste of the whip as well in my recent session with Sir, posted a picture on Fetlife of His handiwork. Knowing how they will build over the course of the month is a tantalising prospect 🙂

    ~Kazi xxx

  2. While the marks are certainly striking – as striking as the whip, anyway – what really caught our attention was the heart! Unbelievably beautiful, and certainly fitting!

  3. Molly, your bum and the image are heart-breakingly beautiful. I love the sweet smoothness of your skin and the angry redness of his strokes.

  4. You are genuinely my idol! I know I say that a lot! I don’t think I could ever take that many ‘strokes’ of the whip, although I do know how you feel about when it stops! I have that with the belt. It hurts so much and I beg for it to stop but when it does I just want more!

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