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Black and blue

molly showing off black and blue bruises on her neck and chest

Black and blue
I miss you

I have written a great deal over the year about how much I like being marked and bruised. If you asked me to put together a list of my top 10 kinks bruises/marks would definitely have to be on it and if asked to rank that list they would definitely be in the top 5.

These glorious black and blue bruises are from back in September. The gift he left with me after out first night together which was one of those nights that leaves you sore and aching. Not just the bruises but the muscles in my thighs, shoulders and hips and also the tender flesh between my legs that every time I sat down reminded me of what had been.

So do I miss the marks or The Gentleman who made them?

Both! One can not exist without the other and he is more to me than just the marks he leaves behind. I miss him but hopefully, maybe, soon we will see each other again.

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  • nikki

    I miss getting marked like that. I miss having those little visual reminders to accompany the physical ones. I always found it reassuring.

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