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Fireman Sam’s World Tour

27th January

Do you remember Fireman Sam and the hot date we went on?

Male blow up fireman sex doll
Click to see more Fireman Sam

I won Fireman Sam when my entry into the Erotic Meet monthly competition, ‘A Frightened Heart‘ got voted into 1st place and so it seemed only right to take him home and launched him onto the international blogging stage with this post, Inflation.

At the time of winning him and in the weeks afterwards I had so many people joke with me about wanting to have their own hot dates with Fireman Sam that I decided he should be sent of on a world tour of some of the hottest and sexiest sex bloggers around. So far Sam has about 8 different venues on his itinerary all the way from me in the UK via Wales, Belgium, Amsterdam, The USA and then down under to Australia and New Zealand but I am fairly hopeful that as his fame spreads this list will grow.

I do hope that one day Fireman Sam will make his way back here to me, baring any unforeseen punctures, and that his little passport I gave him before he left will filled with that names of all the lovely ladies, and maybe the odd gentleman too, that he has met up with whilst on his world tour. In the meantime this page will serve as a record of, what will hopefully be, an amazing trip. As he makes his various stops around the globe and gets featured on other blogs I shall update this page will those links so you can see just where he is and what he has been up to.

So without further ado…..

Stop 1:  Black Silk’s Boudoir  – Wales

Stop 2: Lady Laid Bare – Belguim

Stop 3: Sex With Rose – Netherlands

Stop 4: Rebel’s Notes – Netherlands

Stop 5: Penny for your Dirty Thoughts – USA

Stop 6: A Dissolute Life Means – USA

Stop 7:


Ps… If you would like to add your name to the list of bloggers who would like a hot date with Fireman Sam whilst he is on his world tour please leave a comment below or send an email to [email protected] If you decide to take part, Sam will be posted to you free of charge but in return you must agree to post him onto the next blogger on the list. I will manage that list and try to make sure that each hop on Sam’s journey will be as short as possible.