Biting down

by Molly Moore
Large dark bruise on Mollys arm from biting

“Biting’s excellent. It’s like kissing – only there is a winner.” ~ Neil Gaiman

The question is who is the winner? Because if you are like me and your kink is not only about the sensation and the intimacy of the act but also about the marks it leaves behind then really everyone is winning.

When I talk about biting I am not talking about the love bite kind which involves a bit of teeth but mostly sucking. Actually my favourite type of biting. The sensation is one I super enjoy, it is right at the edge of pain and pleasure for me, if done with the right intention, and the resulting marks are so intensely erotic and sexy to me. How many times have I wanked over the marks left on me like this? Many many times which is why I have a lot of pictures of those types of marks on me.

But real biting, teeth clamping down on tender flesh? That is totally different thing. Firstly the pain is completely different. Much sharper and more intense and there have been times when it has been too much. Like a lot of pain play I need to in the right head space to be able to manage if it intense and also warming up can make a big difference to what I can tolerate.

Warming up doesn’t just mean, warming a particular area of my body with other types of impact or sensation play but warming up my mind and getting those endorphins flowing. If I am already flooded with them due to say a spanking or something like that then I am far more likely to be able to ride the wave of pain that biting brings.

It’s been a while since someone properly bit me. It’s not a huge kink for me so it is not something I feel like I am missing it is more about the moment because in my experience biting comes with that heady desperate need to consume a lover. There is something feral and animalistic about it and it tends to come with sex that fits those descriptions too. Grabby, urgent, rough. The type of sex that is about devouring another person. It’s not your every day sex. it is the sex that comes from teasing, denial, maybe even make up sex when you both just have the need to fuck each other like it hurts. Just the thought of that makes me twitch to be honest.

As I am sitting here writing it this is is a sultry hot day here in England which fits perfect with the picture I have chosen to go with this post. It too was taken on a sultry hot day but this time in Philly back when Michael and I were still in a long distance relationship. I had travelled to Philly to spend a few weeks with him while my kids were on holiday with their Father. Every moment of that trip was wonderful and just remembering it now makes me grin with joy and happiness and some horniness too. We fucked a lot that holiday and some of that fucking resulted in this beautiful spectacular bruise as a result of him biting my repeatedly while he fucked me raw.

I have written before about how some images often feel too personal or intimate to share. They maybe capture a particularly memory for me but to anyone else they would look just like a bruise on my arm. Also they have been firmly stored away in my wank bank folder. A place that harbours all the images I have taken, or he took, that just fucking turn me on. This one fits into all of those categories but this post feels like the right time to finally show it off because it captures perfectly why biting can be insanely hot to me whilst almost bring back some amazing memories that I treasure.

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Damimgood July 12, 2022 - 10:07 pm

Just gorgeous


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