Liebe Seele – Leather Collar with Rose Gold Leash

by Molly Moore
Molly wearing the Liebe Seele Leather Collar with Rose Gold Leash

This is my third review for Liebe Seele and before I talk about the Liebe Seele – Leather Collar with Rose Gold Leash I just want to say a few words about the company in general. Starting with they have been lovely to work with over these reviews. I have been slow to post them for various reasons and they have been very understanding . Also every single product I have had from them has been amazing. They arrive really quickly, the packaging is lovely but also simple, mostly cardboard so it can be recycled too which is something that I really like and I also think their products are really competitively priced considering the amazing quality of them and that includes this beautiful collar and leash set.

Meet the Liebe Seele Leather Collar with Rose Gold Leash

Just like the matching thigh cuffs and paddle that I have already reviewed the collar is made from the same plush soft deep red leather. It has three D rings which are made of the same rose gold as the buckle, the rest of the fixtures and of course the beautiful rose gold chain of the leash which had a leather strap handle on the end.

The leash clips onto the collar with a quick release clip making it simple to add and remove. The collar does up with a buckle fastening and has 9 holes so it will fit a large number of neck sizes. (more on that below)

Making an Impression

Close up of the Liebe Seele Leather Collar round molly's neck

I want to say here that when Liebe Seele originally reached out to me and we agreed on 3 products for review I didn’t actually pick the collar I picked the ankle cuffs that matched the thigh cuffs. Sadly there was some confusion and I got sent the collar and leash instead. The reason I didn’t want the collar set was because collar’s are not really my thing. Unless I am putting them on someone else or even seeing them on someone else. I think they are very sexy but due to a medical issue my throat can often be very sensitive and when it is anything touching it can be quite uncomfortable. Even hoody sweaters where the hood pulls the sweater back against my neck can irritate it and so mostly collars don’t work for me. I wish that was not the case, but it is what it is.

So when it comes to reviewing this collar I want to say that I did not wear if for very long for this exact reason but as you can see from the picture I did wear it and it looked absolutely gorgeous.

The other thing to note about me and collars and why I didn’t ask for it is I have a very small neck and so most collars come up far too big on me. When I did use to wear a collar all the time it took a lot of shopping round to find ones that fitted me and didn’t either sit right up under me chin or were just far too big round and so would either swivel round my neck or there would be tons of strap left over flapping around.

I am happy to report that this collar actually fit me pretty well and whilst there was a lot of strap left over round the back the buckle actually worked properly to kept it neatly tucked away. So even if you have a very small neck I think this collar would still definitely work for you and it will fit up to a 18.9 inch collar measurement on the other end of the size scale.

The soft padded leather was also really comfortable against my skin and I think would make this collar very wearable for extended periods of time and also during kink play. You could use the additional D rings to potentially incorporate rope play or other types of bondage, such as attaching wrist cuffs to the collar which would keep someone’s hands up near their face. One word of warning, it is not a good idea to restrict someone’s hands if they are going to be walking around on the end of a leash because if they do happen to trip or fall they are then unable to use their arms to ‘save’ themselves. If you are thinking of doing this then be very mindful of that fact and take extra care to ensure they don’t fall and of they did you would be able to catch them.

Value for Money

Absolutely yes to this. Currently these are on sale for $58.00 dollars which is approx £45.00. For a padded leather collar and matching chain leash that is this well made and this beautiful? I think that is total value for money.

Who is the Liebe Seele Leather Collar and Leash for?

Anyone who is into collars and leashes.
Anyone wanting that high end sexy submissive look.
Anyone into pet play looking for a collar and leash set,
Anyone who likes leather bondage stuff
Anyone looking to collect a bondage set. (There are matching cuffs, paddles etc)

Who is the Liebe Seele Leather Collar and Leash not for?

Anyone not into collars (obviously)
Anyone looking for a vegan collar
Anyone looking for a slim or discreet collar


Beautifully made, made to look beautiful. Competitive value for money. Fits a variety of sizes, Detachable chain leash that is easy to clip off and on. Comfortable and did I mention beautiful? Just like all the items I have had from this company I think this collar and leash set is fabulous.

There are affiliate links in the post. If you make a purchase it costs you nothing extra but I get a little payment for referring you to their site.

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