Liebe Seele – Leather Thigh Cuffs

by Molly Moore
Molly wearing Liebe Seele leather thigh cuffs and wrist cuffs

Finally it is time to review my second item for Liebe Seele. I have already reviewed the Liebe Seele Leather Paddle which comes in the same beautiful matching red leather as the Leather Thigh Cuffs do. So let’s get strapped up and see what happens

Meet the Liebe Seele Leather Thigh Cuffs

Close up of liebe seele leather thigh cuffs

Is it even possible to do these thigh cuffs justice with words? I am not sure it is, but you will have to believe me when I say they are absolutely stunningly beautiful and so well made. The pair I got is in the same rich red wine colour as the paddle with rose gold hardware that just compliments the red leather perfectly. It is padded leather and so whilst you have to do them up fairly tightly otherwise they will just slip down your thigh they are still really comfortable to wear. Size wise I went for the small and I am glad I did. They fit really well, although I am on the last couple of holes but I think the large would have been far to big and there would have been way too much overlap and maybe not so comfortable.

Making an Impression

These thigh cuffs are easy to put on. You do have to pull them fairly tight to do them up otherwise when you release the strap against the tension you realise they too loose. So give them a good firm tug and then they should be just right. Depending on what kind of situation you want to use them in you could do them up so the buckle is at the back if you wanted to ensure the person wearing them couldn’t undo them but that would require a partner to put them on for you. I did find it was possible to move them round a bit but because you need them done up fairly firmly it is not easy to do.

I did find them really comfortable to wear. The only time they pinched my skin a tiny bit was when I went for a pee and the toilet seat pinched against them but I totally think you could wear them out under a flowing dress or skirt for that extra sexy bondage experience where only you and your partner know what you have on. Whilst they are snug they are not so tight that you feel uncomfortable in them.

As you can see from the picture they work perfectly with cuffs. I used the hog tie clips I had. but carabineers would work just as well, or rope if that was what you had to hand. I like the chink of metal against metal though and the heavy feel of it all. I felt very sexy in them and very subby.

What I really really loved about them is it restricted my movement, my arms are essentially kept by my sides so when there was impact play I couldn’t get my hands up underneath me but only roll over if I was allowed and when I did finally roll over and spread my legs like I was told, the way my wrists where attached to my thighs made me feel very exposed. However there was just enough movement with the clips that I could still touch my clit while he fingered me orgasm. Off course if you are a big meany type person there ways you could stop that if you wanted.

They have a series of D rings on them so you can fasten them to other things like cuffs or use rope to tie them to something such bedposts of under-bed restraints. I really want to have my thigh tied open at some point and these thigh cuffs would work perfectly for that.

Value for Money

So these are not cheap but with the exchange rate I actually think they are fairly competitively priced considering how beautiful they are and how well made they are compared to other thigh cuffs I have looked at over the years. Yes I have been hankering after thigh cuffs for years so I am really happy to finally own a set. Currently they are $78 dollars but that is roughly £60.00 at the present exchange rate. They do have other thigh cuffs available though that are less money and also these ones in black

Who is the Liebe Seele Leather Thigh Cuffs for?

Anyone who is into bondage
Anyone who likes leather bondage stuff
Anyone looking to collect a bondage set. (There are matching cuffs, collars etc)

Who is the Liebe Seele Leather Thigh Cuffs not for?

Anyone looking for vegan bondage equipment
Anyone not into bondage


What can I say here? I absolutely LOVE these leather thigh cuffs. I can’t thank Liebe Seele enough for finally making my thigh cuff fantasies possible and I really looking forward to more play that involves them. If like me you love the idea of having your legs tied open or just the feeling of being bound and shacked then these thigh cuffs are totally going to do it for you. They are beautifully made, and look stunning. They are a quality item that is definitely worth the money.

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