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“Let go of that which no longer serves you” ~Adriene Mischler

Adriene is also known as Yoga with Adriene and it is her videos that I use for my daily yoga practise. As well as the yoga she often says things that make think and this quote above is something she says on a fairly regular basis. It is such a simple concept really and one I suspect we could all do with paying mind to. What are you holding onto that no longer serves you? It might be a feeling or a person or an object or item.

Maybe it is hope.

I have found that last one to be very hard to let go of. I don’t mean in general terms. We all need hope about all sort of things but I mean more specifically hope that a specific thing will actually happen one day. That promises made will be kept and delivered upon.

How do you know when to let that go? What if waiting just a bit more gets you there? Perhaps what is needed is more strength and endurance on your part, not giving up? But then you have been waiting for months and months and nothing has happened. When do you let go? When is enough, enough? It might not be serving you right now but if you give up then you are guarenteeing that it definitely never will. It is a tough space to be in.

I don’t have the answers right now but I think about Adriene’s words on this matter a lot and I know that they are words of wisdom. Does it serve me? The honest brutal answer is no, not any more and it has not done for a while now but when it did. When he did. It was perfect and wonderful. Letting go means saying there is no more hope, that it can’t or won’t ever be that again and I can’t quite see clearly if that time is now or not.

Apologies this is a bit cryptic. I am sure that will change at some point. Just want to say I am fine and safe and in many ways in a happy place in my life.

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  • HappyComeLucky

    Hugs, hugs and more hugs. Even when you do get to a decision, it doesn’t make if comfortable. I know that I always dig deeper in myself and offer more in the hope of those promises than my logic knows is worth it.

  • Mrs Fever

    I think sometimes letting go is difficult because — as with physically holding on to something — letting go forces us to use the same “muscles and tendons” as we use to grip hold, but to use them in a different way.

    In some ways it’s easier to tense up. To grip tighter.

    When what we really need to do is relax and let go.


    I get it.

    And I wish you well with it (whatever the specific ‘it’ may be.) ❤

  • Jayden Vincente

    I totally understand. I let go of some things that weren’t good for me, and it was hard, and people are judging me for the choices I’ve made, but I know they’re right for me, and that’s what matters.

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