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400 words

the number 400 spelled out with dildos pegs and rope

400 posts over 7 years and 7 months. If you take an average off 800 words per post that means I have written 320,000 words for Wicked Wednesday. I have never missed a single week since Rebel started the prompt all those months ago. 33.3 months to be precise. I believe the only other blogger who has joined in with every single week since the start is Rebel herself.

When the meme started coincided with me planning my minimum posting goals. I decided on 2 posts per week as being my weekly target, anything above that I see as a bonus but I always 2 two a week. In all those years I have never not posted two posts in any given week and one of them has always been for Wicked Wednesday. I have adapted and changed many of the things I do here and how I do it but that base line minimum has never changed from when I set it for myself way back when and I can’t see that ever changing.

Sometimes I follow the Wicked Wednesday prompts and something I don’t. I have written poetry and fiction. I have done Scavenger Hunts and all sorts of non-fiction. I have written about blow jobs, and impact play. I have written about love, and heartbreak, hopes and fears, fantasies and realities. I have about pain and pleasure. I have written about desire and lust. I have written posts that are funny and posts that are sad. I shared my fears and my hopes. I have written about friendships, family, lovers and partners. I have explored my thoughts and shared so many different experiences both good and bad. I have written my truths here in so many different ways and shared a myriad of different images alongside all those words.

Wicked Wednesday has not just been about words though it has and still is most definitely about community and friendship. Also as a voracious reader of sex blogs it is a constant source of delight. I can go there on any given week and find fiction, thoughts, personal experiences that make me think and feel and very often turn me the fuck on. It is a place of solidarity and support. You know if you link up someone is gonna come and comment on your post. Knowing people hear you is such a powerfully affirming thing. Long live  fabulous Wicked Wednesday!

And this post? Exactly 400 words.

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  • LittleSwitchBitch

    I knew before I even opened your post you were going to aim for 400 words too lol x

  • Mosscat

    400 words exactly…if only all those essays I wrote at uni had been this skilful and honest xxx

  • Marie Rebelle

    You are right – only you and I have linked up for the full 400 weeks. Thank you for your support from the very beginning, your encouragement, your ideas, your help. Everything. Here’s to another 400 post, and 320.000 words!

    Rebel xox

  • ebbetsjim

    Congratulations Molly! We appreciate your postings and look forward to many more.🌹

  • Modesty Ablaze

    Such a clever photo . . . and lovely words Molly. And yes, Yes, YES to “Long Live Fabulous Wicked Wednesday” !!!
    Xxx – K

  • nilla

    Awesomely done, and CONGRATULATIONS!

    So true, there’s nothing like someone dropping you a note and saying ‘hey, that really got me…”. I’m not a participant, because the last few years it was all I could do to post once a quarter, let alone once a week. Maybe I can jump in now and again…Somehow things have opened up a wee bit. My kids are growing, and life is more settled, maybe. Anyway, I’m back writing and I totally understand the commitment to crafting 400 posts, and here, your 400 words (exactly!), which so perfectly express your thoughts.

    Job well done. Even though I’ve been lax in commenting, I have read every now and again. Thanks for posting and keep up the great work!


  • Sweeten Dirty

    That is great dedication! I have yet to learn a balance on posting minimum. So far it seems like if I don’t have something posted once a day, I start slacking and eventually take a long break.

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