A feast for the eyes

by Molly Moore
Michael looking up at Molly from between her legs with his mouth on her cunt

She is bent over the sofa. Naked from the waist down, he is standing behind her, his jeans round his thighs, his hard cock in his hand.

“What do you want Kitten?” He growls at her

“Your cock, Daddy. Fuck me Daddy” she whimpers back at him

He guides himself between her legs and into her body, reaching for her hips he pulls her back onto his erection as he pushes into her, and for a moment he pauses like that savouring the feel of her hot wetness around his throbbing shaft. Then he begins to fuck, deep slow strokes and from my place on the floor I can see her juices glistening on his dick every time he withdraws out of her.

It is a insanely hot view, watching him pump his dick into her, seeing it gliding in and out of her body, her hands gripping the back of the sofa, her moans filling the room as he uses her body for his pleasure because I know that is what he is doing. He doesn’t tell her to touch herself and he makes no attempt to touch her but grips her hips firmly, holding her in place so he can fill her with his cock.

He looks down at me, I am half propped up on the beanbag on the floor which I moved to this exact spot so I would get the perfect view of them, where their bodies meet and join and also of his arse and how it moves when he fucks her and then and maybe most importantly of all his face. Watching his face while he fucks her is beautiful, it makes my cunt clench with wanton lust. The way he closes his eyes and lets his head fall back when he pushes into her, and how he purses his lips when he is trying not to come because it feels so good, but he doesn’t want it to end just yet all delight me while I lay here touching myself but then he turns and looks down at me and I see his eye flit from between my legs to my face as he watches me and our eyes meet and in the moment we exchange a thousand words of lust and desire to one another and all you can hear is the sounds of fucking.

I love looking into his eyes when he fucks her and when she sucks him. The connection, the words unspoken, the taboo of it all is thrilling to me but it is not just at those times that eye contact works for me. Looking into his eyes as he fucks me is also supremely hot. It is why I love the position where he can stand between my thighs and fuck me so I can look up at him and watch his face, see into his eyes as his cock drives into my body. Especially those first moments as he fits into me and the sensation, the pleasure, the intensity of how my body feels to him is written all over his face. Just thinking about that, just writing it here, I can feel the dampness between my thighs as a result. Looking into his eyes as he experiences pleasure in some way enable me to experience it with him, not that I can feel it but I can understand it and connect with it and it is intoxicating. The same is true of my pleasure, when he watches me while he fingers me or if he looks up my body and into my eyes as he mouth delves between my thighs is so damn hot. I know he is studying me, seeing that look in his eyes as he drinks in my pleasure that he is giving me, that he is in charge of and controlling and I am feeling and accepting as he plays with my body winding it slowly, ever tighter, pushing and pulling me along with his mouth or fingers or cock until I am pleading and begging for him to tell me to come.

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t need it or want it all the time. Sometimes I just want to close my eyes and focus on the sensations and the things he is saying, disappear into the depth of myself and sometimes he wants the same. I will look up from sucking him, my mouth hot and wet round his cock and his eyes will be closed and his lips open as he breath comes in increasing little gasps and I know he is lost in moment but if and when his eyes open and he looks at me or the other way round my eyes open and I met by his unwavering stare the connection in that moment between us is something so fucking hot to me that I really don’t have words to do it justice but if pictures help the one at the top of this post makes my heart and my cunt flutter.

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missy December 19, 2018 - 10:46 pm

Wow. I am fluttering too just reading this. I know just what you mean about the eye contact and the intimacy of what passes between you. I also find it really interesting reading about the dynamic with the three of you as that is not a situation I have ever been in so there is an almost veuyeristic feel to the way you tell it for me. Thank you 😊

Cara Thereon December 19, 2018 - 11:15 pm

Oooo my. Yes. It brings me back to the moment and makes me squirm. And that photo… unf.

Marie Rebelle December 20, 2018 - 11:57 am

This is so hot… the scene you were watching but also reading about eyes, which reminded me just how much Master T and I communicate without words.

Rebel xox

Julie December 20, 2018 - 4:56 pm

Sometimes eye contact is so important. As you say a thousand words can be exchanged in one look. Love this Molly xx

Accidental Masturbator December 21, 2018 - 5:44 pm

When I start to read your posts like this, I get hard and twitchy. A d just picturing it is so hot and beautiful.
And as I finish, and you have diswcred what is behind that moment, behind what is actually important, I find myself sinking into the cracked abyss of longing and emptiness.
You are lucky.

Molly Moore December 21, 2018 - 6:01 pm

Thank you, and yes, we are lucky to have one another… I am sorry that this inspires a mixed reaction in you. I wish I could make that better and I hope that maybe one day you find someone that helps to get rid of those feelings


Amelie & Mark, the HKC December 23, 2018 - 8:31 pm

Very cool POV and very sexy too!

Posy Churchgate December 26, 2018 - 12:12 am

It’s indeed a very interesting PoV – and it forces me to admit to myself that I find eye contact very hard to make during most sex acts. I wonder if that’s something to work on this year as I’m sure it adds a bolt of excitement in it’s honesty and raw connection. Thanks for inspiring me.

Bee January 3, 2019 - 5:10 pm

All of this. I yearn for a time I get to experience something similar. Maybe one day, maybe never.


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