Wild Cards

by Molly Moore
Molly with her legs spread and Valentines card proped up in front of her vulva

I get a lot of messages from companies wanting to send me their products in the hope that I will review them. To be honest the majority of them I turn down because either the company or the product is just not my thing but when I got a message from Stacey at Love Layla Designs and clicked on their website I will admit that my eyes lit up.

I am as a general rule not a great card giver. I used to be, but after my divorce I to my first husband I made a lot of changes and spending money on numerous greeting cards for extended family, some of whom I rarely any contact with, was one of the things to go from my life. I can’t say I missed it. However that does not mean I don’t send them, just I send them less but I still mainly hate it because finding a greetings card that is not the same old nonsense and insanely priced is, in my experience, a bit of a challenge.

The Company

Love Layla Designs appearance in my life has just made the challenge a great deal easier.

The company is what happens when you make a talented hard working woman redundant. She harnesses her creative skills, whilst also having a baby, and turns it into an amazing business that in the space of 4 years has gone from just her to a full on family business employing multiple family members.

Working with Stacey and her team has been brilliant. They are thoughtful and generous people who sent me way more of their products than I was expecting. Not only did I get greeting cards but I also got wrapping paper, balloons (and these are so going to feature in one of my images soon) and a wall calendar! I feel utterly spoiled

Love Layla cards calender balloons and wrapping paperThe Cards

All the cards are printed on high quality white, un-coated paper and are A5 in size. Each card comes wrapped in clear cellophane sleeves to protect it during delivery and of course comes with a suitably sized envelope. All the Valentines card come with a red envelop but some of the other cards I got have a gold envelope.

However the best thing about Love Layla cards is the funny, cheeky, naughty and sometimes down right rude messages written on them. Now I am not a fan of the whole ‘being mean to people is funny’ and so there are some cards in their selection that I find a bit jarring but they are definitely the exception rather than the rule and the ones I picked out I truly adore.

The one in the header image is absolute made for me!

As is this…

We go together like your penis in my fanny valentines cardand this one I asked for specifically because it was absolutely made with my daughter in mind and I will  be giving it to her for the 15th birthday in May.

birthday card message reads, As your parent I may annoy you but there was a time that you wanted to talk to me while I was on the toiletValentines

What do you write in your Valentines cards? A few words of love and desire, or maybe you like to take the opportunity to write a long piece to your beloved. Whatever it is these cards have plenty of space and the paper is lovely to write on. Each of the Valentines card also contain a little promise slip that you can fill in and your partner can redeem at some later date. I think this is a really nice idea. So often we are busy and with Valentines falling on a Wednesday having something that you can cash in at a weekend when you have more time for one another is a lovely idea.

What I Love

about Love Layla Designs cards

  • The completely different wacky messages on the cards
  • The speed they arrived. (within one day of me making my selection)
  • The quality feel to them
  • They huge variety of cards available. I am particularly in love with the LGBT cards
  • And there is more than just cards…. Someone needs to wrap me a present in this penis paper for sure!
  • Free postage (UK ONLY)

What I don’t love

The answer is really not that much at all. They are most definitely not the cheapest greeting cards around but you are getting something a bit different and unique and there is free postage, although sadly at this time they only deliver within the UK. The only other down side I can think of is that maybe the little plastic sleeves are not the most environmentally friendly packaging. I got 7 cards and each came in its own sleeve. That is actually a quite a lot of plastic that is just going to go to landfill. It is not a major thing and I understand why they do it but I have noticed even in the shops lots of cards seem to have stopped doing this and so maybe it might be something for Love Layla to think about in the future.

Final Thoughts

I am delighted with my Love Layla selection of goodies. I think their Valentines cards are fabulous but I also love many of their birthday and special occasion ones too. They have totally revolutionized my card buying. Now I no longer have to go to the shop and look through tedious amounts of naff cards but instead can enjoy picking out just the right message for the right person.

* Love Layla sent me these products in exchange for a fair and honest review.

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Indigo Byrd February 6, 2018 - 9:27 pm

Love that last card so much, I hope your daughter appreciates it too!

JP February 7, 2018 - 1:30 pm

Love the cards but just a warning that they only deliver to UK (what’s up with that?)…you don’t want to spend a 1/2 hour picking cards only to realize you can’t buy them (like I did lol)

Molly Moore February 7, 2018 - 3:59 pm

I am sorry about that and I just check back with Love Layla and they tell me they are working on adding international shipping to their products as soon as possible. When they do I will update this post. For now I have added that they only ship to the UK


Kayla Lords February 8, 2018 - 4:07 am

When you first tweeted about them, I went to look and got sad because they’re UK only but I’ll admire their cards from afar! And I looooove the one for your daughter. I’d give that one to my 12yo too!


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