Coming Out

By on August 6, 2016.

This morning we lay in bed snuggling. My hand strayed to his cock,Β  as it so often does. As we talked I stroked, slow and gentle, up and down until eventually I said to him…

“Look what I have done?”

He chuckled… “I know, you made it all hard. I think you should take a closer look”

And so I did.

When he asked me where I wanted him to cum I asked for him to kneel over me and cum on my tits.

“So I can see it coming out”

Because I love seeing it come out.

With cum all over my breasts I asked if I could grab my phone and take a picture.

“I love this view” I explained

He agreed and even shifted position to kneel on the edge of the bed so I get the right angle.

When I took it all I had in mind was that it would go into my wank bank folder. A picture for me of something that I love, so I can always remember how it looked and what it makes me feel. But it was too good to not share and it fit perfectly with the prompt: Shoot from below.

I have spent most of today with this image up on my big screen (second monitor). As far as I am concerned this as a hot as fucking hell. I could happily sit here, spread my legs and make myself cum just looking at it. I love how his balls are all tight and wrinkled because he has just cum, I love the wonderful open stance of his legs, there is something so powerful about it. I love how his cock is still hard but just starting to dip and then there is that little droplet of cum just lingering on the head of his dick that makes me want to reach up and take him back in mouth. Just to taste him again and then I would sink down and rest my head on his thigh and push my nose into that at the side of his cock where it meets his balls and breathe him in. Because I know just what he smells like there and I want to bottle it and spray it all over myself.

When I asked him if I could post this image he said sure but I know he is secretly (although not that secretly because he wrote about recently, I sing the body electric ) uncomfortable with pictures of himself and this one is definitely graphic, revealing and intimate but as far as I am concerned it one of the best cock shots I have ever taken of him. It makes me want to lay spread-eagled beneath him and beg him to do dirty things to me. It makes me want to suck and fuck and have him cover me in his jizz. It fills me with lust and need and greed and horn. It makes my mouth water and my knickers wet. It speaks directly to the slut in me and what it says is thoroughly filthy and I am completely and utterly in love with it.

Cock shot taken from belowSinful Sunday badge


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  1. Holy monkeys but that’s a hot photo… I think it’s going into my own spank bank πŸ™‚

    xx Dee

  2. Now, that’s a fab shot! The light could not be better and I loved your commentary. I want to bottle it and spray it all over myself. What a cool thing to say.

  3. This is a GREAT photo (and I agree with Melina – quite a love letter!). When I first glanced at it, I thought of the trope in legends and fantasy novels about a ray of light falling exactly on a buried treasure at specific times of the year or only when a window or door is open, etc. – which to me made something about this picture seem sacred.
    Jo recently posted..LoftMy Profile

  4. How symbolic in its own way, of the veritable key to your lock.

    Undeniably erotic in word and form.
    As always, Beautifully done Molls.

    XX Newty

  5. I love everything about this but then you probably already knew I would! I am impressed by your restraint though, I would be so distracted by licking the delicious droplet up, the camera would be completely forgotten!
    sub-Bee recently posted..Power up!My Profile

  6. This is glorious! First I read your words, which are a beautiful ode to the man (and cock) that you love so much. The two of you and your love and your lust for each other are my shining example of what a relationship can be. Then, I scroll down to find this absolutely stunning portrait. It is a glamour shot. A portrait of a saint, or a movie star, or the crown jewels (heh) with the way the light just bathes his beautiful cock and all the lovely detail. I can feel your reverence through the lens.

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