The Gospel According to Alice

by Molly Moore
Key on the cover of Twisted Anthology

Alice tried to remember who had given her the key but no matter how hard she tried she still couldn’t settle on an answer

She was fairly sure it wasn’t Matty, but he was certainly a candidate. After all he was the first man who ever pulled her hair, the result of which had been as much if not more, of a surprise to Alice than it had been to Matty because that one very simple action had caused Alice’s mind to turn to liquid along with parts of her anatomy. Matty was not an unobservant man, far from it in fact, and armed with this new-found information he had set about using it to their full advantage, even at one point going as far as buying rope and using it to tie her long brown hair to the top of the headboard on her bed so that every time he thrust into her it would pull her hair tight. She lost count of the number of times she came that night.

Matty was part of Alice’s life for 6 months but then he revealed he had a new job in a new city and would be leaving. He invited Alice to go with him but she declined, he just didn’t feel like the person who she should leave her little home for, so with slight sadness she wished him well and sent him on his way. She recently found out he is married now and has 3 children and she wonders if he still pulls hair.

Marcus was a one night stand who Alice met at a work conference, he was not at her work conference but an attendee at another conference both of which were being held in a rather large hotel venue that was located in the middle of nowhere, so much so that the hotel even offered a free shuttle service to the local (15 miles away) train station. Marcus had sat next to Alice on that ride and as the saying goes, the rest is history but hot, sweaty, revelatory history because Marcus had introduced Alice to the delights of spanking. During that one long night he had spanked her bottom until it glowed like a rising sun, burning red and hot to the touch but spanking had not been Marcus’ only gift to Alice, because as well as the repeated blows upon her bottom he had also pinched and twisted her nipples and generally manhandled her around the room, the bed, and his body until in the early hours of the morning she had passed out beside him in a heap of bruised and sore contentment.

Clearly Alice was no virgin, it was just that before these men her sexual experiences had been dull, confusing and fairly boring. Matty and Marcus had changed all that for her and Lukisha was truly a first in so many ways and a huge shock to Alice, challenging everything she thought she knew about herself and making her realise that she was not as set in her ways or as doomed to a boring sex life as she thought. Lukisha owned and ran the tiny little sandwich shop beneath the offices where Alice worked. The first time Alice thought she might be flirting with her was one afternoon when Alice went in to get her lunch. It was already 3pm and the place was empty, lunch for most people had been and gone but work had kept Alice at her desk, hence the late hour. Lukisha chatted away to her while making her sandwich and then, uninvited by Alice, came to sit at her table with her while she ate. They talked happily, for Alice it was a nice break to the monotony of her day but it was only when she went to leave that Lukisha finally made her intentions clear. Wide eyed and intrigued Alice agreed to her suggestion and that was the beginning of their tempestuous love affair. Getting a sandwich at lunch time was never quite the same again and neither was Alice because meeting Lukisha opened up a whole new aspect to Alice’s sexuality. It had never even crossed her mind before that she might be attracted to women, but Lukisha changed all that, not only teaching her the sensual physical joys of being with a woman but that being bold and brave when it came to matters of sex nearly often got you what you wanted. A true gift indeed

John is the reason that Lukisha ended things with Alice because the one thing she just couldn’t seem to manage was sharing, unlike Alice who was fast developing a taste for it. Lukisha was a one woman, woman and the arrival of John in Alice’s life was a deal breaker for her. Alice still buys her sandwich from Lukisha everyday though and was delighted when she found out that her ex lover had found a young lady who shared her monogamous trait.

John was another surprise in Alice’s life. They meet online, a website that Alice had stumbled upon whilst reading an erotic story about hair pulling and spanking which had quickly led her to this place which was a kink filled paradise. John was one of the many people who messaged her when she made a profile but was the only one whose message didn’t immediately put her off. After a couple of weeks of conversing online about sexy things Alice liked and her desire to explore more, they finally met for coffee. At that meeting John suggested that Alice might actually be submissive and also that being in bed with two men could rock her world. She had left that meeting unnerved and confused by his suggestions. She was a strong, independent woman, how on earth could she be submissive. What an insulting suggestion!

However Alice is not one to deny the obvious and the suggestion of being with more than one man at a time had most definitely had a positive effect on her and so she set about reading and researching some of the things John had talked to her about.

Where the key come from, Alice still wasn’t completely sure but somewhere along the way Matty, Marcus, Lukisha and John had given it to her. Now that she was in possession of it she had her suspicion that maybe John might be the right man to share it with, so that he could use it to unlock what he clearly thought he knew about her. Much to Alice’s surprise her reading and research on the matter had revealed to her that the word submissive might actually be the code to breaking into her lust that he suggested it was….

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Cammies on the Floor January 15, 2015 - 12:08 am

I like how the key is the key to part of identity instead of a literal key

Reply January 15, 2015 - 2:01 am

She seems to enjoy BDSM !

Marie Rebelle January 15, 2015 - 7:43 pm

Like Cammies, I like that you didn’t use key in the literal sense. It seems like Alice has a lovely journey ahead of her 🙂

Rebel xox

Alice King January 17, 2015 - 1:38 pm

I love how this shows the journey and the impact each person had on Alice. Destinations are fun yet what happens during the journey can be oh so enlightening

Lord Raven January 18, 2015 - 2:22 am

lovely write. oh the fun she will have as the gets to see what all is unlocked in her


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