Not A Happy Bunny

by Molly Moore

I have been asked to review the new Picobong Kaya Rabbit Vibe. As you know I am not a great one for writing reviews. To be honest I find them fairly boring and rarely use them myself when looking for something to buy. I tend to know what I like and buy it. However when they offered to send me one for review for once I said yes.

It comes in 3 different colours, purple, pink and a turquoise blue, I selected the purple and within a few days it arrived at my door. It comes in a nice colour coordinated package and to be honest is wonderfully pleasing to the eye. It has a beautiful silky smooth finish and lovely rounded contours that made me quite excited about giving it a go.

Now before I really get started let me say that I am not a vibrator kind of girl. I rarely use one on my clit, much preferring the more controlled and less aggressive action of my finger to stimulate me (or if I am a very lucky his tongue). I find vibes tend to over stimulate and leave me feeling a bit raw and always kind of numb. However I do love penetration and so most of the toys I own get used for that and rarely for their buzz factor. I also have a deep love for my wonderful glass dildos and so all toys tend to get compared to them in their effectiveness.

So on with the matter in hand, or should I say pussy? After unwrapping the wonderfully pretty Kaya Rabbit Vibe; finally managing to work out which way the batteries go and then battling with getting the end back on (sounds easy but it is really rather fiddly) it was time to play with the settings. The buttons are moulded very discreetly into the base of the dildo section on the left hand side of the dildo (assuming you are going to insert it with the curve facing upwards that is). It has a variety of different vibrating modes and also a speed control and without a doubt has to be the quietest vibrator I have ever had. It is a lovely design but I found it almost impossible to work out which button did what when I was using it as all 3 feel exactly the same to the touch and so I had to keep stopping and looking down to work out which one I was trying to press as otherwise I kept turning it off by mistake. Oh and if you are left-handed I have absolutely no idea how the hell you would get on with this unless you inserted it curve downwards, which might give an interesting anal sensation but it is certainly not going to be anywhere near your g-stop.

Searching for the perfectly moulded and therefore impossible to distinguish controls

Reclined on the sofa it was time to really put it through its paces. At first it seemed so silky smooth and glided perfectly into my already fairly damp pussy but although the silicone it is made from does feel amazingly smooth to the dry touch it seemed that the moment it came into contact with my moisture that smoothness kind of disappeared and I found that it started to chafe a little. This is definitely a dildo that needs plenty of lube because the moment it gets your juices on it, it seems to go a bit sticky. In fact if you wet your finger and rub it along the contours of the dildo with very little pressure you can get a really lovely friction squeaking noise going….. not something you want to try to achieve with your pussy though!!!

Now I know this is turning into a long one but really whoever thought a rabbit vibe was a good idea? I have never ever been a fan. I did have one of the original rabbits when they first bounced out into the world and was totally underwhelmed but as the years have gone by I have forgotten why I didn’t like it but this little number managed to remind me. I like to be fucked. I like in and out, slow strokes, hard fast strokes, sometimes deep, sometimes just probing my pussy….. I am sure you get the picture…. but with the rabbit the moment you try to indulge in a bit of thrusting every time you withdraw the dildo even the smallest amount the vibrating ear is no longer in contact with your clit and so you get this rather irritating on off sensation.

So near and yet still so very far away

In addition to this and maybe my body is just weird but I found the rabbit vibe was positioned too low on my pussy to touch my clit and unless I kind of held it up a tiny bit with my finger, which is possible as it is slightly flexible, it was mainly buzzing away just below my clit and with the tricky buttons and the need to hold the vibe up it all became a bit fiddly and rather hard work

Just….a….bit….. HIGHER

In the end I turned off the vibe section and Sir used the dildo part to fuck me with whilst I used my finger on my clit to make me cum. It was only afterwards that I realised my mistake with the lack of lube as this toy left me feeling a bit sore and dry, something which is very rare for me.

So a summary….

Looks: Very very pretty…. I have to say I wanted to like this little baby as it just looked so beautiful

Design: Battery compartment is fiddly. Buttons are too discreet & fiddly, the clit vibe is too bent over at the tip to reach my clit and I am fairly sure I am not anatomically odd in that respect. I mean whose clit it located 1.5cm from the opening of their pussy? And yes I did measure mine and it is approx. 3cm apart. Am I weird? (See above diagrams)

Feel Me: Yes you will want to stroke this toy as it feels so smooth but get it wet and somehow it will not be quite so kind to you.

Application: Maybe I am the wrong person for this toy but rabbits’ suck…. you can’t slide it in and out and keep the vibe part on your clit at the same time. The curve of the dildo part and that shape of it is actually rather good but the rabbit-ear gets in the way. If it was just a dildo in this shape I think I would have liked it a lot more. Oh and it takes 2 AAA batteries and so I suspect you are going to need a fairly regular supply of them as in my experience they don’t last very long.

Value For Money: WTF! It is £59. I mean really…. that is insane. I am not a sex toy reviewer professional and so I can’t recommend a better alternative but I am fairly sure there must be one if this kind of style or design is your thing. Otherwise I am fairly sure you are paying through the nose for trendy design, looks and some pretence at ergonomics or some such bollocks.

Finally the ultimate test…. how does it stack up against my beloved glass? The simple answer is, it doesn’t. The glass is so versatile in comparison. You can cool it and warm it or just use it as it is and it will very quickly take on your natural body temp. You barely need any moisture to enhance it super smooth contours. It is perfect for both vaginal and anal penetration. It is completely water-proof and easy to keep clean. The only thing it doesn’t do is vibrate and if that is your thing (as I know for many woman it is) then buy a separate good vibrator to go with it and away you go.


Ps… It was only when I looked at the images we had taken afterwards that I realised my jumper and the Kaya were perfectly matching in the colour department. I swear I never wore that jumper on purpose either.


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Jillian July 12, 2012 - 3:04 pm

The diagram, OH MY GOD. They really should invent a The Myxomatosis vibrator at some point.

Sadey Quinn July 13, 2012 - 1:26 pm

Hahaha, your diagram is great.

And hooray for honest reviews. 🙂

mollyskiss July 13, 2012 - 1:42 pm

Thank you very much. I have to agree that so many reviews I read seem bland at best and celebratory at worse. I rarely write reviews as I find them pretty dull but this one was sent to me and so I gave it a go…. and wrote an honest write up.



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