The whip

by Molly Moore

16th March 2010

20 days to go…….

black single tail whip“My parcel arrived Slutmine”

“Oh? May I see what was in it?”

He sits for a moment and considers me…….

“Yes, Slutmine, on this occasion I think I will share”

I sit and wait and then I hear his footsteps as he walks back towards then the whistle of something moving fast though the air followed by an unmistakable ‘crack’ sound and it is that sound that makes me gasp and my eyes widen. As he sits down he holds his new toy up to my face, running it lovingly through his hand.

I am staring, my mouth forming a perfect O as my heart races and my breath quickens. Confused thoughts crash through my head as my body and mind yet again fight it out. My body buzzes, I can feel the moisture flooding into my pussy, my nipples tightening and my skin feeling prickly and sensitive and as my hand comes up to my neck and caresses it a shiver runs down my spine and I hear myself whimper. My mind is shocked into submission for a moment but then quickly bounces back...there is no way you want this, this is going to hurt, you don’t want pain, you can’t take this, your right to be scared, this is not you, you want flowers and chocolates and a loving gentle hand…….

I look up at him, my eyes pleading and unsure and I go to speak…… “But Sir, I…..” He cuts me off before I can finish. Smiling he says……

“Don’t worry slutmine, I will teach you to accept it, I will show you what you are, because this IS what you are, you know it as well as I do”

I frown and bite my lip, how does he do that, how does he see right inside my head like that?

He chuckles…… “It’s written all over your face Slutmine, the desire, the craving, the longing, the fear, the uncertainties, the battle within yourself plays right across your face my love.”

I can feel the heat rising in my face and I want to run and hide but I know if I do he will only force me back to his side and make me meet his gaze once again. For a moment our eyes lock and then he breaks the spell by bringing the whip up to my face again and letting it sway in front of me…… “It’s so soft and supple, I wonder if I will need to tie you or if you will just lay still and accept it, and look at the handle Slutmine, it will fit beautifully inside you when I decide to fuck you with it”

That final comment is enough to push me over the edge and I snap back at him….. “No”

“No? There is only one way to make it stop Slutmine, and no is not it…..”

The whip hangs on one of the hooks now along with the other items; the cane, the crop, the chains and the gag, they each scare and excite me in their own way, but the cane and the whip are the two that really make my pulse race and my blood pound and my mouth go dry as my breath quickens. It is the cane and the whip that I find myself backing away from, my eyes blazing and words of denial forming on my lips…..He is right, he will have to teach me!


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angiewalkerblue March 18, 2010 - 3:37 pm

Very, very hot Mollie……………….


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