By on January 11, 2010.

January 11th 2010

I am a slut! Actually if truth be told, I am a filthy, dirty, bad girl, cumslut. Even though I am other things too, a Mum, a friend, a daughter, etc, etc, at my core, I am a slut. It has taken some digging deep on my part to really understand it and ‘own’ it. I don’t really like that saying….owning it….something a bit contrived about it, but it fits here. I own it. I am prepared to admit what I am, and be what I am, and understand what I am, and be strong enough to find what it is I need to be happy. However, there is another piece to the jigsaw that makes up Molly and that’s submission. I am submissive. A submissive slut, and any submissive slut, or decent Dom, will know, that for a submissive slut to be truly happy, to feel safe, to feel secure, to be themselves, they need a good Dom. Otherwise its like fish without chips, or salt without vinegar, or toast without butter, it’s pointless!

Now, don’t get me wrong here, I am not saying that I am some pathetic little girl who needs a strong man in order to function, because I am not. I am a strong, independent, fairly intelligent women who is perfectly able to function in this world with or without a man, but the sub in me, she cannot function, she cannot really exist without a Dom and I would have thought that surely the same is true for any Dom. Dom without Sub, or Sub without Dom… just doesn’t work, it doesn’t thrive, it has nothing to feed off, nothing to help it grow, nothing to nurture it, nothing to encourage it, and so it lays dormant, sometimes even completely hidden until it can find it’s other half and when it does, when it finds its opposite then, it is complete!

Maybe it’s a bit of a cheesy line, “you complete me”, (great movie though) but it’s the truth, because without him I am just a slut with a submissive nature, and he is just a man with some dominant tendencies…..with him I become A Sub and he becomes A Dom! Which brings me back to Fish and Chips, or Strawberries and Cream, or Gin and Tonic…..on their own, they are nothing, but together they become special….they complement each other. Together they are completed!




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