by Molly Moore

January 2nd 2010

The Christmas decorations are finally back in their box and the tree is a shadow of its former self now that’s its striped bare and in the recycling bin. I know it’s a few days early but in years gone by I have ended up doing this task at close to midnight on the 5th so now I never leave it till then but do it in a more leisurely fashion when the time suits me.

My friend sent me a text today, who was doing the same as me, taking down his decorations ,and he said it was ‘a sad exercise’, but I had to disagree with him on that. I can’t actually say I like doing it, a bit like cleaning the loo, it is a chore and I wish someone else would do it, but it’s also quite cathartic. It’s a good time for a little bit of reflection, particularly of the last couple of weeks, since I got all the bloody stuff out in the first place.

Reflections are good, especially if they are of good times or fond memories, and if not, then they should be reflected on quickly and with a cool mind and then consigned to the….’I learnt something and now it’s time to move on, department’…..cause if not then I think you end up, like my friend, concentrating on all that’s past and forgetting to look forwards to all that could be. I wish I could get my friend to see that looking back all the time, especially in anger, or sadness, or regret, or loss only serves to keep you in the past. You have to let go in the end and embrace the future or the past will just cripple you. Sure, a balance is required between looking forward and reflecting backwards but the keyword I think, is backwards……it’s never ever a good plan to go backwards!

Anyway, as I put the finally shiny ball(no ball jokes, however tempting) away in the box I smiled, you see the last couple of weeks have bought me a blessing, they have left me, somewhat smiley and somewhat…..ummm…..moist……and so for me my moments of reflections on the couple of weeks were mainly positive ones, although I did end up texting my friend back saying……”Only annoying thing about the xmas tree is that I never got a fuck in front of it with only the Christmas lights showing the way, but never mind, it’s now on the list for 2010!”

Any volunteers?


ps. yesterday I learnt a new skill, how to embed a link…..I know, nothing earth shattering, but still something new for a technowally like me… I think the YouTube thingy may become a regular feature……enjoy!

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