My 101 Things In 1001 Days

My 101 Things In 1001 Days List

Start Date: 13/01/13

End Date: 11/10/15

Goals Completed: 11

Goals In Progress: 7

Progress of goals is listed in the table below.

Links to posts about the project can be found at the bottom of the page.


1Bring the D/s writing project togetherNot Started
2Self publish a collection of short stories on AmazonNot Started
3Write the 3 longer stories (Postage, Platform and Beach)Not Started
4Finish the 30 Days of Kink Writing Project(10/30)
5Answer The 50 questions that will free you mind.(0/50)
6Use 10 of theses creative writing prompts(0/10)
7Submit stories to at least 5 anthology calls(0/5)
8Write a letter to GearjammerNot Started
9Keep the Pussy Pride Project alive – Get at least 10 guest poster to contribute to the project(5/10)
10Finish ‘The Girl In the Pink Chair’In Progress
11Rewrite/edit ‘Withyou? Yes’ Short StoryNot Started
12Turn ‘A Mark In Time’ into a longer storyNot Started
13Write a ’99 things about me’ postNot Started
14Write at least a 1000 words a day for seven days in a row x 10(0/10)
15Write a list of 101 things I’ve already achieved in this lifetimeNot Started
16Write a list of 100 things that make me happyNot Started
17Write a series of reviews of different BDSM clubs/eventsNot Started
18Write and post at least one erotic short story or poem once a month on my blog not linked to any meme(0/30)
19Hire the Barnet Bastille for a photography & private play sessionNot Started
20Sell at least one of my photographsDONE!
21Create a page on my blog for my Scavenger Hunt imagesDONE!
22Complete a second year of the 365 ProjectDONE!
23Host my opening night of my photography exhibition at Sh! Woman’s Store on the 1st FebDONE!
24Have my photography exhibited at at least 5 other events/venuesNot Started
25Take at least 20 nudes of other people for *secret title of project*Not Started
26Complete an ABC photography challengeNot Started
27Take some sexy images featuring barbed wireNot Started
28Have some of my photographs printed up into greetings card & see if anyone is mad enough to buy themNot Started
29Learn how to use my new lighting & filters kitNot Started
30Set aside at least one day a month for photography(0/30)
31Complete 20 new Scavenger Hunt locations/photographs(0/20)
32Post at least 2 portraits a week on my 365 blog for the duration of 2013(2/52)
33Post a month of photographs on my main blog at least once a year(1/2)
Other Blogging Goals
34Reach 50 participants on one week of Sinful SundayDONE!
35Review, enhance and promote e[lust]In Progress
36Post at least 10 more audio posts(0/10)
37Make at least 5 video posts(0/5)
38Make a video of the correct BDSM use of 50 ShadesNot Started
39Find a new theme for my 365 blog that shows off my images wellNot Started
40Have at least one guest poster a month writing the Sinful Sunday Weekly round-upIn Progress
41Create a press page and an awards/badges page on my blog(0/2)
42Organise my photographs in my main blog into galleriesNot Started
43Post on my main blog a minimum of 3 times a week(0/143)
44Spend the night with a womanNot Done
45Spend a day on a chained leash with limited mobilityDONE!
46Be hunted in the woods (I am the prey)Not Done
47Have sex or give a BJ in a dark alley wayNot Done
48Have my underwear cut off with a knifeNot Done
49Make a video of my pussy pulsing when I orgasmNot Started
50Be written onNot Done
51Be restrained in some way while he cuts a small nick in my skinNot Done
52Be put in a cage at a club & left there with a sign on the cage saying ‘Slut’Not Done
53Be put in the cage with my blanket after we have played at the club and left there for a whileNot Done
54Explore more rope play together/Go to a rope workshopNot Started
55Be made to masturbate for a live audienceNot Done
56Ask Sir for at least one task each month(0/30)
57Be tied up/restrained and made to watch while he fucks another womanNot Done
58Give Sir a warm oil back massage at a time of his choosingNot Done
59Attend at least 10 new BDSM clubs/events (0/10)
60Be fingered by another manNot Done
61Be blindfolded used and abusedNot Done
62Be bathed, shaved, dried & then completely dressed by Sir to his pleasingNot Done
63Complete an as yet unknown task set by Sir at a time of his choosingNot Started
Sexy Social & Events
64Go to the Festival of the Erotic Arts again in Edinburgh June 2013Not Started
65Speak on both days at EroticonDONE!
66Meet at least 20 other tweeps/blogger in person(0/20)
67Go to a strip club in the UK with SirNot Done
68Go to a strip club in the USA again with SirDONE!
69Kiss Rebel at Eroticon 2013DONE!
70Continue to run our local monthly munch & develop some new events for the groupIn Progress
71Attend a sexy event of some description in another countryNot Done
72Organise a kinky workshops eventNot Started
73Develop & run my BDSM submissive workshop. Run the workshop at least 5 times(0/5)
74Develop & attend a local peer photography groupIn Progress
Personal Pampering and Development
75Get 2 more tattoo’s ( a pussy for my pussy & the ‘night’) (1/2)
76Maintain my current weight as a minimum but ideally lose 10lbIn Progress
77Have a manicureDONE!
78Go roller skating at least 10 times(0/10)
79Watch 20 movies that I have never seen before(1/20)
80Read the 5 non-fiction history books currently waiting on my shelf(0/5)
81Re-read The Northern Lights TrilogyNot Started
82Read 20 books I have never read before(1/20)
83Ride on the back of a motorbike at least onceNot Done
84Read 1 Si-fi Book of Sir’s choosingNot Done
85Visit 3 US city I have never been to before(1/3)
86Go back to Vegas with SirNot Done
87Take my children to America for a holidayDONE!
88Use my London Eye gift cardNot Done
89Go for afternoon tea at The RitzNot Done
90Spend a weekend in Brighton with SirNot Done
91Take Sir to The Mill on the Isle of WightNot Done
92Go on a family overnight stay to LongletNot Done
93Send/receive at least 10 postcards via
94Have someone do a nude drawing/painting of meNot Started
95Go for breakfast at The Breakfast Club 10 times(2/10)
96Have our friends round for a Champagne brunch at least onceNot Done
97Take Sir to a Westend showNot Done
98Have a summer American cook-outNot Done
99Cook a meal for Sir at least once a month(2/30)
100Bake cookies/cake or dessert at least once a month(1/30)
101Finish at least 2 tapestries(0/2)


If you are doing your own 101 Things in 1001 Day project you can link it in on The 101 in 1001 Group Listings

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