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By on November 26, 2014.

We have so many things to worry about as active sexual creatures. Condoms, Sex Toy cleaning, STI tests for us and our partner/s.

And that is just us, what about our computers and mobile phones? All those things that bring the rest of the sexy world right into our homes. We have to take care of their sexual health as well. I know you all have virus software and run scans regularly. You all know not to open attachments or click on links to reset you banking password, and I am very sure none of you have ever sent money to help a Nigeria Prince get his money out of the country. Well sadly all of that is not enough. There is now something new to have to keep in mind.

You may have read the recent worries about USB devices that might infect your PC with malware (which I just typo’d as maleware, a very different thing) well the latest addition to that is malware infected e-cigarettes! The Guardian has all the bad news about the growing concern over just some of the devices that you wouldn’t normally think of as unsafe to plug into your PC but which it is becoming increasingly apparent could well be introducing nasty germs into your treasured connected hardware.

However it was this that really got me thinking…

β€œAny electrical device that uses a USB charger could be targeted in this way, and just about every one of these electrical devices will come from China,” ~ Dave Goss

Any electrical device? So what other electrical device do I own that has a USB Charger? I didn’t have to think for long because right there on my desk next to my computer is the Revel Body Sol (which we dearly love) but only comes (in the EU) with a USB charging cradle and it is not the only one I own with USB charger either and with the growing trend to give these orgasmic devices USB plugs to offer convenient recharging I am sure the amount of toys I own that have this feature will only increase. It is unlikely to stop there either as sex toys become increasingly ‘smart’ they will not only be rechargeable but also programmable through these very same ports.

So should we be worried? Maybe not worried, as that tends to make orgasms far less likely and we don’t want that, but abit like our sexual health in general I think we should be damn cautious. As the quote above clearly says, most of these devices will come from China which is also where the vast majority of our electrical sex toys are also manufactured. It doesn’t take much to see they are surely just as potentially risky as an e-cigarette. The article suggest that “buying from respected manufacturers” is one major way of protecting yourself and I am fairly confident the same is true for sex toys but it is by no means a guarantee that they are safe so if you have a sextoy that has a USB charger then I really recommend you go out and purchase Wall Wart usb charger (a USB AC adapter) so that you can avoid plugging them into your devices at all. Of course that is not going to help if your sex toy is programmable as then you will need to plug it directly into your computer and if that is the case then make damn sure your virus protection software is truly up to date and that you run full scans on a regular basis. It is for now the closest thing we have to condoms and STI testing for our ‘smart’ sex toys!

It just occurred to me though, in taking this line of thought to its ultimate conclusion, the next step could potentially be a virus infecting our programmable sex toys. I shudder to think what a malware infected sex toy could do to some poor guy’s tender bits!

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A massive big thank you to @Domsigns for bringing this to my attention and helping me put together this piece.

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