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By on October 16, 2013.

Just a quickie this week. I blame my impending flight to the USA and my need to actually pack some clothes before I go. However heading back to the USA made me remember that I had one more Scavenger Hunt from our last trip to Philly in the summer that I had yet to reveal.

In case you missed it at the time whilst we were there I managed to acquire myself another, much longed for, tattoo. Originally we returned to the tattoo artist that had done my first ever bit of ink, the ‘M’ on my back but they seemed a little disinterested and unengaged with us and so with great disappointment we left the shop. However South Street in Philly boasts a wealth of options and so, on the spur of the moment, we ducked into the next tattoo shop we passed and I am so glad we did because not only did I get my lovely tattoo but I also met a lovely person in the process.

The girl behind the counter was so enthusiastic when we started talking to her, immediately reaching for a piece of paper and sketching out ideas as we described what we wanted. It seemed obvious at that point that we were in the right shop with the right person. Anyway, to cut a long story short, she drew up a perfect design and I sat in the chair as she carved it into my skin and we talked. I told her about how I had come to meet Sir, why we were in the USA and about sex blogging and finally about the Scavenger Hunt, It was just one of those conversations with someone where you knew they just got it. I suppose you could say we clicked.

The only down side was that the whole processed passed by rather quickly and before I knew it she was cleaning up my arm and telling me it was all done. I seem to have floated through the whole experience on a mixture of happy chat and a strong rush of endorphins which is probably what led to what happened next.

“Would you mind if I got my tits out here and took a couple of pictures for my Scavenger Hunt? I have not managed to do Tattoo shop as yet.”

I think the images probably show perfectly what her answer was and now that I look at them again they seem to also perfectly show that happy ‘rush’.

Tattoo shop south street

Tits out in tattoo shop

As long as Curvaceous Dee agrees, this is my 43rd Scavenger Hunt location; Tattoo shop


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  1. Oh wow! This is a great Scavenger hunt photo and I think I like it so much because you were allowed to make the photos there. Brilliant! I don’t think my tattoo shop will allow that 🙁

    Rebel xox

  2. Brazilian Wax - Rebel's Notes

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