Life’s a Beach

By on May 29, 2013.

I admit that I don’t always post my Scavenger Hunt pictures straight away. I tend to try to take a few different locations on one day and then I file them away to drip feed to you lot when I feel the urge. This week I was feeling the urge and so I went and perused my Scavenger Hunt folder to see what waiting for my attention.

We took these last summer on the beach down in Sussex. The area is called Pett Level and it is a vast stretch of shingle beach but when the tide goes out a lovely stretch of sand is exposed. However this is Britain and the term ‘summer time’ should be thought as a promise often broken. These shots were taken in August but I think you can see that it was hardly sunny, in fact about an hour before hand it had been pouring with rain and this part of the coast is notorious for being bleak, windswept and seriously open to the elements. It is a beautiful remote landscape that in the summer attracts large crowds of people but that is on days when summer shows it’s face but despite that just as I started to strip my clothes off over one of the shingle mountains a family all wrapped up in waterproofs appeared. Luckily they didn’t hang around long, bit like the sunshine in Britain…. and my clothes!

Nude on Pett Level beach sussex

As you can see despite the lack of sun we still had a lot of fun doing these

Pett Level nude woman

And this rotting post seemed to be the perfect height

naked beach pett level sussex

for me to ummm…. rest on.

Nude of Pett Level beach Sussex

And I declare a successful Scavenger Hunt on the beach completed!


Ps… Click on the icons below to see who else is joining in with Wicked Wednesday and the Scavenger Hunt and check out my Scavenger Hunt Page to see all the other locations I have snagged

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  1. I have naked pictures of me on a beach too, although mine was in France and it was a naturist beach. I am not sure that would count for a Scavenger Hunt!

    Can’t believe you found a day of the year in England where we had the weather to be on the beach. It is May so “summer” and I’ve just seen Noah sail past my house.

    John D recently posted..The Spank RaceMy Profile

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