By on April 14, 2013.

I have a bit of thing for hotel rooms.You step through the door into a world of possibilities with crisp white linen and feather pillows to explore and dirty. You leave the everyday behind you as you enter into a new space that is all about the bed. It invites you in and suggests to that in here, anything can happen if you so wish to. Before you came others and after you there will be more but for now this place is yours to indulge yourself in and feast on what ever it is that you desire.

Laying in white sheets wearing a corset


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  1. The lighting in this photo and your position on the bed is delicious. I love hotel/motel rooms. It only enhances the sessions for me. xxx
    Scarlett DuBois recently posted..On the bedMy Profile

  2. There’s just something about hotel rooms, isn’t there? Removed from your ‘regular’ environment, it’s like they give you permission to ‘let go’.

    Such a sensual and inviting shot; you remind me of a reclining Venus.

    Jane xxx
    Jane recently posted..Sinful Sunday: Between the SheetsMy Profile

  3. While the space itself may hold the wonder of possibility, this photograph embodies it – along with a beautiful sensuality and femininity.

    ~Minx x
    Cheeky Minx recently posted..MuseMy Profile

  4. I always love the freedom that comes within a hotel room. You can be anyone to everyone around you. Beautiful photo, Molly. You look at peace with the possibilities.

  5. Love the freedom of hotel rooms; I get sent to them ’cause of work on a regular basis and there is always a slight excitement when you get into the freshly made bed.

    I did a bit of an experiment two or three years ago which was to “sniff” the unencrypted wifi at a popular hotel while I was out for the evening to see what sites got visited (it was an IT Security shindig!) There was no VPN (aka business) traffic, but pages relating to escorts and the most extreme form of pornography got accessed; clearly the delegates of the business conference sensed the possibilities too! πŸ™‚
    John D recently posted..Stereotype: Men don’t like foreplayMy Profile

  6. Hmmm…

    You have taken so mundane as a hotel and turned into something enticing, mysterious and sensual.

    Fine piece of writing there.

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