A Hole In One

By on January 23, 2013.

I have been planning a golf course Scavenger Hunt for ages now. The woods right near my house run up the side of a beautiful golf course and we have walked there many times and commented on how it would make the perfect location. Unfortunately it is also a very well used golf course and so no matter what time of day we were there, even on summer evenings at dusk, there would be people playing golf, or else walking their dogs in the woodlands and so our devious plans were constantly being thwarted. Then just before Christmas we woke to a weekday of thick cold frost, the type that wraps itself round everything and turns it into a white winter wonderland that makes for beautiful scenery and very few golfers!

We set off to the woods with me bundled up in numerous layers of clothes, including leggings, sweatpants, two jumpers, walking boots and the obligatory hat, coat, scarf and gloves but for once I had thought things through and beneath all this lay a slightly different, more lacy outfit. The brisk walk served to warm me up so by the time we got to our location I was all geared up for the impending strip but of course golfers don’t play in this weather but bloody dog walkers seem to love it and so we spent a good 15Β  minutes hanging around trying not to look too suspicious, whilst we waited for our opportunity. Luckily people seem to think taking random shots of a frosty golf course is completely normal…

Frosty Golf Course

Eventually it seemed like we were alone and so using a nearby tree for balance I striped off all my lovely warm layers, stepped out of my walking boot into my knee-high boots and was about to take my position when at the far end of the fairway appeared more dog walkers. By this time I was too naked, too cold and too damn excited to care and so I proudly marched onto the green and finally scored my hole in one…

Sexy girl on golf course

Sexy woman on golf green


Ps… Click on the icon below to see who else is joining in with Wicked Wednesday and The Scavenger Hunt (This is my contribution to the ‘Golf Course’ challenge)

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  1. My first time having sex ever was on a golf course. Actually, it was at the top of a waterfall (on the rocks, not the brightest) on the golf course. It was late at night, so I wasn’t that concerned about people. I love golf courses.

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