Water Nymph

By on January 6, 2013.

Every day I walk to the woods and wait for her. I saw her once, dashing through the stream, her skirt flowing behind her, her cheeks blushed pink with life. The memory haunts me and day after day I seek another glimpse of her. The light floods the valley floor as I walk along the path hopelessly searching for her. I round the bend, I blink in disbelief. There is no flowing skirt, no running feet, this time she is sitting, this time she is a water nymph.

Naked woman bathing in the stream

*Click the image to enlarge… it is worth it I promise!


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  1. This image looks like the front cover of my daughters book on fairies! Beautiful and breath taking as ever.

    Yummy x

  2. So glad I clicked on this photo from 2013. Brings back the magic of childhood, expecting to see beautiful things in the woods, on a riverbank.

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