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By on September 6, 2010.

6th September 2010

I know I have lots of readers, my blog stats tell me that, some of them regular visits and some of them who come by as one offs. It seems that many of those one off’s stick around though and come back to read time and again. I am delighted to have you all, however, I also hear that maybe I have a reader who just comes here to snoop, so that she can gossip about me to people in my real life.

I am sure I have readers who don’t understand some of the things I write here, but I know that I also have many readers who do understand the things I write here, but whichever it is, I hope that all of them don’t judge me too harshly for what I am and what I choose to share here.

I am proud of my blog, and my writing. I like doing it. I don’t claim to be any great shakes at it, but having read many others, I don’t think I do to badly. It is a labour of love; I get so much satisfaction out of it. It’s a place to air my thoughts and the fact that I choose the cover some of the subject I do, is my business. If you don’t like what you read here, then I suggest you don’t read it.

If you have come here to read for enjoyment then happy days, but if you are here to gather material for your gossip then I would rather you left now. I don’t need your psychoanalysis of my life and I certainly don’t need you to share your gossip and thoughts with people who are close to me in real life. I am not ashamed of my writing or the lifestyle I choose to lead. I have found great joy and happiness from both. It might not be for you, but then as far as I am aware I am not asking you to join in.

I am happy now, I have met a man who completes me (I know, a cheesy line from a movie, but it is how I feel) I don’t write about every aspect of our relationship here, this is a blog with a theme after all, but there is far more to it than just sex. There is love, laughter, companionship, shared interests, common beliefs, and desires. He is a good man, a wise man, a highly intelligent man, and like me, there are many sides to him, being Dom is just one of them. Maybe you should meet him before you judge, just as he would have the manners to do the same for you.

So dear reader, read on if you like, but if you don’t then goodbye to you and your meddling……



Ps….a message to M***, STOP gossiping about something you don’t know anything about, read and enjoy my blog for what it is or else face being named and shamed right here…..


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